With a few clicks, billions of individuals can easily access information thanks to the internet. It also makes it simple to spread false information, which may have terrible consequences for both people and society. So,  It’s important to fact-check information sources.

Fact-checking is a current, identifiable variety of journalism. Its goal is to provide accurate, unbiased analysis of public statements to correct public misperceptions & increase knowledge of important issues.

Using Reliable Sources Is Important

The best way to combat the spread of misinformation might be to fact-check claims using reliable facts.

By verifying a claim, you can decide whether or not it was made on social media or in an online article. Utilizing trustworthy, validated sources is essential when fact-checking information; otherwise, you risk contributing to the issue.


  • Authority: Contact information, information about the creator or owner, and the author’s credentials
  • Coverage: Provide external links to reliable sources to back up factual assertions.
  • Timeliness: Information on when things were made and released and whether they have been updated. Links to reliable, up-to-date information sources should be offered.
  • Accuracy: Proven, factual statements.