8 easy home remedies to get rid of Venereal Warts

Venereal warts is a common disease which is caused by HPV. It shows up on the area around genitals and anus. Venereal warts are also known as genital warts and are different from other warts.

They are grey or fleshy in color and occur in private areas of male and female. Age group between the 17 and 33 are more likely to affect by this warts. It is sexually transmitted diseases and can be transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person, use of high birth control pills, early age sexual intercourse, and other unsafe STD behavior.

Venereal warts can be most annoying and irritating. You can notice painless small blisters which are in the cluster or either single in your genital areas. It can be itchy and burning and painful in case of severing form. You can cure HPV venereal warts by using some natural home remedies.

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Castor Oil

Castor Oil helps to get rid of liberal warts as it has antibacterial properties. It can be challenging to consume castor oil because of its terrible taste. But there is another way as well. Apply a thin layer of castor oil in your genital warts and surrounding areas before going to bed.

You can also cover your oil with a slice of garlic and secure with a bandage, leave for the overnight. Repeat this process two to three weeks and your warts turn into black and fall off the skin. But this is an optional step.

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Pineapple juice

Pineapple contains a very effective enzyme called bromelain; it is medically used to treat skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, eczema, warts, and psoriasis. It helps to break out genital warts and also helps to remove scars that you may get after warts are gone.

Take some pieces of pineapple and squeeze out them.It is important that pineapple must be fresh, not canned juice. Dip a cotton swab in juice and place it in your warts, leave there for ten minutes and wipe off the juice. Do this treatment until your warts are clear.

Olive Leaf for venereal warts

Olive leaf is useful in medicinal purpose as it contains the strong antiviral compound. It can directly penetrate into your infected cells to control viral replication. You can apply 250 to 500 mg of olive leaf extract in your genital warts one to three times a day; even you can make olive leaf tea.

Get a teaspoon of dried olive and one cup of water, make tea and drink it. But pregnant and nursing mother shouldn’t take this as it affects blood clotting ability.

Take two teaspoons of olive leaf extract and apply on your venereal warts more than two times a day to boost your immunity and antiviral activities.

Banana Peel

Many people take the banana as a fruit only, but it also uses as medicinal purpose, skin care and also warts removing agent. after eating banana don’t throw the banana peel because banana peels contain such enzymes that dissolve warts safely.

Cut a large piece of banana peel, place the inside part of banana peel in your genital warts and secure with tape or bandage. Leave for overnight and remove in the morning. Replace it daily for two to three weeks continuously till your warts change color and fall off.

Onion Juice for venereal warts

Onion has strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Onion juice with salt can be the effective home remedy to treat your venereal warts that can completely remove them. But it is a slow process and may take one to two months to cure your warts.

Take two teaspoon of onion juice and one teaspoon of salt and apply to your venereal warts before going to bed, repeat every day until your wards get off from the skin.


Garlic is one of the excellent remedies to get rid of genital warts as it caused due to contagious infection, antiviral properties of garlic contribute to clears them.

You need to make a paste for treating venereal warts.

Take seven to nine cloves of garlic, grind it to make a fine paste. Apply that paste in you genital warts and secure with a bandage.

Leave it for on the hour and wash it off with water, repeat this process daily but you may feel extreme burning sensation after applying paste.

Grapefruit Seed for venereal warts

Grapes Seeds are immune booster remedy and its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties grants vitamin C and E. It can remove genital warts effectively after continuous use.

Pour one drop of grapes seed extract in your venereal warts and apply in surrounding areas gently. Do this twice a day (morning and evening) until your general warts change its color into white and fell off from the skin.


Potatoes contain a lot of nutrients including vitamins C, potassium and even antioxidant. It is a so simple and easy method to get rid of venereal warts as it is available widely.

The preserve enzymes help to remove venereal warts.

Cut one to two potatoes into thick slices, rub it in your genitals warts. Repeat this remedy several times a day, do this method for two weeks, and this effort will give a positive difference in removing genital warts.

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