8 Painless Remedies to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Plantar wart on ball of foot are muscular, noncancerous cellular and may spread from one to another person or the same person. They are caused by the infection of Human Papilloma Virus, and HPV is mostly present in moist and warm places like public showers, locker rooms or swimming areas.

Walking in such place in the barefoot may lead to warts on foot. So avoid contact with infected people, especially affected areas, and you should maintain personal hygiene.

Use Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is beneficial in case of warts removing; it is helpful for killing plantar warts of a foot due to its acidic property. Soak your foot in warm water for twenty to thirty minutes; it helps to sooth your warts so that the salicylic acid can work efficiently. Dry your foot with the clean towel.

Gently apply salicylic acid in your warts of a foot.  Apply it before going bed and leave it for a whole night and remove it in the morning. After continuous use, it will disappear in two to three weeks.  

But people with ‘neuropathy’ should avoid the use of salicylic acid because it can leads to damage of skin without being able to notice it.

Use Dutch Tape to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Dutch Tape is used to remove warts because it stops the exchange of oxygen gas inside plantar warts that leads to the ultimate death of plantar warts.

Take a sliver dutch tape than clear tape because it sticks properly in the sole of a foot. Take a large piece of dutch tape and adequately cover warts on a ball of foots and leave it for six days.

After that remove it and let it one day to breath, soak your foot warts with warm water. Use the nail file to scrape away your dead skin from the surface.

Again repeat the same process two or three times more.

But if you don’t get any better result after doing this remedy for three to four times, then try other solutions. And also people suffering from poor blood circulation, diabetes, nerve problems or chronic skin condition are not allowed to use this remedy as it may cause skin irritation.

Tea Tree Oil to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial, antiviral properties that help to get rid of plantar warts on a ball of the foot. You can apply two to three teaspoons of tea tree oil directly on your warts on the ball and gently rub with the cotton ball around warts. It may cause causes irritation and burn the sensitive skin.

So, dilute it with water or essential oil like olive oil or vitamin E oil apply it before going to bed only up to two months, within this period your warts will completely disappear.

But if it doesn’t respond to this remedy try other alternative ways or consult with the doctor because some warts can be stubborn and won’t get rid easily.

Hot Water to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Plantar warts of a foot are sensitive to heat and also helps to soothe warts. Heat water up to 45-degree Celsius and soak your feet in hot water for twenty to thirty minutes each day. You can also add one part of white distilled vinegar to four parts of water. You can do this remedy four times a week as well. Continue the treatment until you get rid of plantar warts on a ball of the foot. You can also add other home remedies like cinnamon powder, neem leaves for the best result.

Garlic to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Garlic has antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It helps to dry and kill warts as soon as it can. Take a few pieces of garlic cloves and make the slice of it, apply the thin layer of olive or castor oil in your plantar warts and follow with the garlic slices.

Bandage the treated areas to secure the whole night. Continue this treatment daily until warts get dark and die. For more useful result you can add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil directly into warts before placing the raw garlic slices.

You can also make garlic paste and apply to your warts of feet, later on, secure with the bandage or just rub with garlic juice in your warts and leave it overnight as same as above process.

Apple Cider Vinegar to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Apple Cider Vinegar doesn’t kill the virus but its high acidic property attacks on warts and kill its physical existence. To remove plantar warts, you will need two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, cotton balls tape or bandage. Dip the cotton balls on ACV and apply to your plantar warts, secure with tape or bandage. Leave it for few hours and do this solution daily. You may see some swollen or soreness in the region after continuous use, but there are no any worries, warts will come off naturally.

Carrot to remove plantar wart on ball of foot

Carrot is rich in vitamin A that helps to eliminate plantar warts, grind a carrot and add olive oil or castor oil to make the thick paste. Apply it to your foot warts and secure with tape,  leave it for thirty minutes or overnight as you want. Do this daily for three weeks to get a better result. You should consume food that strengthens your immunity system like red meat, onions, oranges, scallions, etc. so that you can recover faster.

Special Wart Blend

Special Wart Blend contains various indigents that help to eradicate plantar warts. You need some remedies like;

Tea tree oil four drops

Lemon juice twelve drops

Thyme four drops

Bergamot FCF four drops

Cypress three drops

Jojoba one teaspoon

Mix them in a clean bottle. Apply only one drop in your plantar warts a day because it is highly acidic and excessive use can burn your surrounding skin. Use this remedy for three weeks, and you would expect from warts and pain on balls.

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