8 Effective and Painless Mosaic Wart Removal Tips

A mosaic wart is a kind of wart which occurs on the bottoms of your feet. It is actually a bunch of warts which looks like a rough area with some tiny black dots on it. It is one of a kind warts caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

People get infected with this virus when they walk barefoot on infected surfaces such as public bathroom floors, locker-room floors; swimming pool deck, etc.HPV enters into the body through cuts, scrapes, cracks or other damaged part of the skin.

It also can be spread through unsafe sexual behavior, as it classified as a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Once you get infected by HPV, it cause Mosaic Wart and can be a painful or painless experience. In some cases, it may cause cancer after several years, if it’s not treated in time.

There are several mosaic wart removal treatments available such as over-the-counter medicines, prescribed drugs, surgery, etc. People want to treat it in the privacy of their home without the need of any doctor prescription at first.

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It is also possible to treat it at home by following eight simple and effective mosaic wart removal tips:-


Using duct tape

It is a very simple mosaic wart removal method for the treatment of primary stage of the wart. In this method, you have to apply duct tape or electrical tape around the infected area and leave it for a week.

You must replace the tape frequently and only remove it for few hours in a week. Repeat this procedure till you get rid off of the wart.

Freezing method

Freezing treatment is also an efficient way for mosaic wart removal. Freezing makes HPV to be inactive, and our immune system gets extra time to rid over it.

There are many types of freezing gel available at the drug store, but it can be done by using cold water. Take cold water from the fridge with some ice in a bucket and put your infected foot on it as long as you can.

Repeat this method at least three times a day for a week.

Hot water soaks

Just like cold water, hot water also the useful way for mosaic wart removal. It helps to soften warts quickly and prevents infection caused by HPV. It is more efficient when you add some amount of salt and vinegar in hot water. The water must not be too hot to avoid burning of the skin.

Applying salicylic acid for mosaic wart removal

Salicylic acid is the keratolytic medication which dissolves skin protein (keratin) produced by HPV. It can be found in different forms such as gel, liquid or pads at the nearby drug store. Apply it as given direction on the wart for healing infection.

Removing dead skin from the wart

Another way of mosaic wart removal is to get rid of the dead skin from the infected wart area. It helps to heal faster when applied with the methods mentioned above. You can use an emery board pumice stone, or nail cutter, etc. to gently remove the layers of dead skin.

Using home remedies

Some home remedies are also effective to cure HPV infection. Some of them are easily available at home and can be used as mosaic wart removal herbs. Garlic is an excellent home remedy for mosaic wart as it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

You can apply its paste to cure the wart infection.

Banana peel is also helpful to cure mosaic wart because of its antioxidant properties.

Rub the banana peel on the wart for few days to reduce the wart infection. Use green banana peel instead of ripe banana peel for a better result.

Using vitamin C paste

Vitamin C is very acidic, which can help to dissolve the wart and fight with HPV. Get 4-5 vitamin C tablets from the drug store, grind them and mix with distilled water to make a paste.

Apply that paste on the wart and cover it with bandage or duct tape. Use this mosaic wart removal tips for a week to get the result. Alternatively, we can use lemon instead of vitamin C tablets.

Visit your doctor, if all doesn’t work

In many cases, these mosaic wart removal tips work very effectively and HPV cured at home. But if any of above-mentioned tips do not work, you must visit your doctor because it may be the signal for the severe problem such as cancer.  

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