Ultimate Treatment for Bumps on Forehead

You might have seen it in other people or you might have it yourself. The little bumps on your forehead skin. They don’t generally hurt or itch but it can be really annoying because it looks ugly and as it is in a visible location, it affects your appearance directly. The most well-known cause of the bumps on your forehead is acne. However, there can be other reasons as well. If you leave the bumps as it is, it might cause inflammation making the condition worse and causing permanent scarring.



Due to presence of excess oil along your hairline, the oil may clog into the skin pores and cause inflammation and appear in form of comedos or whiteheads if the inflammation goes untreated. In case of worsened inflammation, pimples, pustules (fluid-filled pimples), and painful skin cysts, which is the most severe type of acne lesion can also occur. Acne generally appears abundantly on your forehead and several parts of your face and similarly on your back, chest, neck and shoulders, as these areas consists of huge number of skin oil glands. So, the chances of those bumps being acne is quite high.

Other Possible Causes

Some other conditions like lupus or measles which causes bumpy, red rashes on your forehead. But these illnesses spread to other parts of the body as well so it can be easily recognized as it doesn’t stay fixed on a certain location. These may trigger other problems such as joint pains or fever. The rashes that are caused due to lupus generally extends across the face around the cheeks and along the nose almost like in a butterfly shape. If you realize it is due to lupus or measles, you need to contact your doctor or dermatologist.


The best way to getting rid of bumps on your forehead is to prevent it from happening. This is how you can prevent the bumps from happening.

  • By avoiding pricking or popping of any acnes or such bumps in the face. This can irritate the infection and cause more inflammation.
  • By avoiding oil based beauty product and switching to water based products.
  • By not touching your forehead with unwashed or oily hands.
  • By keeping yourself hydrated with adequate amount of water.
  • By avoiding or trying to minimize stress or tension.
  • By engaging in exercises and such activities which helps in increasing the flow of blood to your skin making your blood circulation more active. This, in turn, plays a major role in keeping your skin healthy and keeping your skin from getting these bumps.
  • By eating a balanced diet consisting of more vegetables but less fats so that your skin can maintain its composure.
  • By avoiding too much spices in case you have an acne prone skin.


These are some treatments procedure for getting rid of the small bumps on the forehead:

Double Cleansing: You need to perform a double cleanse on your skin at night if your forehead skin has a bumpy texture. And if you lie under any of the category mentioned below:

  • If you wear any kind of sunblock or sunscreen
  • If you wear foundation
  • If you have a habit of wearing a lot of face powder and concealer.
  • If you use a lot of skin products which consists of chemicals
  • If you live in an area with a lot of air and other sorts of pollution
  • If you live in humid or hot climate
  • If you have bangs
  • If you use plenty of hair styling products
  • If you wear hats regularly

So how to perform a double cleansing?

  • Remove any sort of makeup and remove lipstick as well.
  • Take a pinch of cleanser on your hand and gently rub it over your skin of your face.
  • Then, wash your face with water and use a flannel or washcloth to make your face damp clean and to remove the cleanser.
  • Now again, apply a bit of cleanser to your face and focus on the affected part of your forehead.
  • Now like before, wash your face with water and use a washcloth to clean the face thoroughly.
  • Pat your face dry with a dry washcloth before applying any kind of skin product.

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