7 easy and painless ways to get rid of ringworm in dogs.

If ringworm in dogs not cured in time, it may create several problems. But it can be solved at home following some simple home remedies.

Home remedies are excellent in preventing the infection of ringworm in dogs and helps in eliminating the problem.  

That is why there is a far-reaching use of natural home remedies in treating ringworm on dogs. But it is better to treat dog’s ringworm at the early stages of infection.

You can try some treatment at home before taking your dog to a vet. And if your cat is suffering from ringworms. You can get some nice tips on home remedies for ringworms in cats

Home Remedies for Ringworm in Dogs

In case of severe problems, you should directly consult a vet and make some medicinal and therapeutic diagnosis.

But if the case is straightforward, and you have diagnosed the problem of ringworm on your dog at an early stage, then home remedies will work best for you.

The following are some of the home remedies that you can try to cure ringworm in dogs :

Use of Antifungal Shampoo on Dogs

Regular bathing of your pet animal is essential for washing the dirt, germs and other bacteria off your pet’s  body. And it very necessary to use antifungal shampoo to bathe your pet.

As mentioned above, Ringworm is a fungal infection, so it is recommended to use a quality antifungal shampoo. And do make sure that the use of shampoo does not cause any allergies and other side effects.

It is a straightforward, yet effective remedies to get rid of ringworms on dogs.

Use of  Apple Cider Vinegar

Here is another efficient method of curing ringworm on dogs.

It has the properties of treating several types of skin infections as well as other external body areas. It works flawlessly in healing the fungal infections naturally that causes because of ringworm.

You should use Apple Cider Vinegar solution and apply the solution all over the pet’s body after the bath.

Use of Tea Tree Oil

For centuries of years, trees have become our best friends.

Trees themselves fulfill our maximum needs. And the tea tree oil is useful in treating the ringworm infection in dogs.

To do this, you should mix tea tree oil with equal amount of water at the same ratio, and you can directly apply the diluted solution on the affected part of the dog at least twice a day for at least a week.

It can help in treating other kinds of skin infections too.

Use of Papaya

Papaya has some anti-fungal agent which is essential to curing skin diseases. Not only for dogs, but it also works in humans ringworm. The best thing is, it does not have any practical side effects.

You can directly rub pieces of raw papaya in the ringworm affected areas. You can repeat this process for like four to five times a day for at least a week to get quick results.

As it is a proven remedy for curing ringworm in dogs, you can apply this treatment without any doubt.

Use of Bleach

Bleaching is another method widely used for the treatment of infections caused by ringworms in dogs.

But because of its irritative property, it is necessary to make sure that it does not create any irritation or itching on your skin before applying it to the skin.

For this, you can dilute bleach composition, and you can use the diluted bleach composition in the ringworm affected areas of the dog with the help of cotton balls or with any soft cloth.

You should apply the solution at least twice or thrice a day for at least a week to get quick results.  

And do make sure it does not create any irritation in the skin and also try to be careful in avoiding the licking of the solution by the dog to prevent any other effects.

Use of Garlic

Believe it or not, garlic is an excellent antiseptic. It has many other helpful properties, but particularly it is very effective against fungal infection which includes ringworm.

Hence, garlic’s  use can help in treating the ringworm infection on dogs.

For this, peel the pieces of garlic and take a clove, cut it into halves and rub it on the ringworm affected areas.

And, here too, you have to make sure that it does not create any allergies or irritation and itching.

If there is no sight of any side effects, you should continue this remedy at least twice a day for a week to get quick positive results.

Use of a Lime Dip

Lime Dip is another treatment whose usage can show positive results against ringworm.

You should prepare a solution of one part bleach and ten parts water, dilute it and clean all the dog’s things including bed and blankets of the dog as well as the things that have been in contact with your dog.

Repeat the same process twice a week for 5-6 weeks.

Cleaning the things in touch with the dog with an appropriate solution of bleach and water can significantly reduce the effects of infection of ringworm.

Medical treatment of ringworm in dogs

Not always the home remedies work. Based on the severity of the infections, the infection may not be able to cure with natural home remedies.

In that case, you may want to consult your vet and diagnose your dog with medical treatment.

And there are many options available to treat the infections caused by ringworm effectively with medical treatment.

Topical therapy and systemic therapy are two most shared and efficient ways of curing ringworm infections of dogs.

Topical treatment includes the application of creams, shampoos, and ointments whereas, under systemic therapy, antifungal drugs must be intake by mouth. But make sure to maintain sanitation around during the medication period.

Adopting the following medical treatments can help you treat your dog for ringworm infection:

Creams and ointments

Usually, Creams and lotions are the treatment that gets the recommendation to treat the mild cases of ringworm infections.

Applying Creams and lotions directly in the ringworm affected areas of your dog’s body can cure the problem in no time.

But if the disease gets widespread, the use of antifungal shampoo can help to prevent that too. And do make sure, you consult with your vet and only use the ointments and shampoos prescribed your vet.

The several available topical treatments compose Lime Sulfur, Chlorhexidine and Miconazole like active ingredients which are responsible for the killing of the infecting fungus from the skin.

And it is better recommended to trim the hair around the infected area so that the applied creams and lotions can work better by reaching the skin directly.

While shaving the hair of your dog, make sure you trim the hair firmly exactly an inch or so wider from the actual infectious area.

Doing this, the applied medication gets absorbed effectively which helps the fungus from reducing and also cures it.

Oral medication

The oral medication comes in use mostly in the severe conditions. Simple home remedies and ointments can solve early infections and mild cases.

But to solve the real critical problems, there may be the need to give an anti-fungal drug to your dog to combat the disease.  

The following medications may be helpful to treat the dog’s ringworm:

  1.    Griseofulvin for Dogs

Griseofulvin is the most prescribed oral treatment medication for dogs.

And this drug is the most efficient one too.

Not only in pets but this drug is widely used in treating the fungal infections in humans too. It prevents the fungus from spreading and growing and tends to minimise it.

As a result, the dog’s immune system can quickly overcome it and can eradicate the problem all by itself.

  1.    Itraconazole for Dogs

Itraconazole is also a very effective antifungal drug widely prescribed by the vets as an alternative to Griseofulvin like oral medications for the treatment of ringworms in dogs.

  1.    Terbinafine for Dogs

Like Griseofulvin and Itraconazole, Terbinafine is also another anti-fungal oral medications used for the treatment of ringworms in dogs and pets. It helps to prevent the fungus from spreading & growing.

  1.    Diflucan for Dogs

Diflucan is also another anti-fungal drug found under the non-exclusive name Fluconazole used for the treatment of the Ringworm. It can treat the more severe cases of yeast or fungal infections, along with Valley Fever.

These points as mentioned above are the primary medical treatments applied to deal with the ringworm infection on dogs.

But other than that even the following additional point can help significantly in preventing the disease at first hand:

Bonus tips to get rid of ringworm in dogs

Cleaning the house and furniture

While the home remedies and medications can contribute to treating the ringworm infection, maintaining proper sanitation can prevent the disease on the first hand.

The loose hairs of the pet may contaminate the environment. So, vacuuming of furniture and carpet can help in removing the contaminated hairs.

Also, cleaning the couches and other places in contact with the pets and washing down the surfaces with powerful cleaning agent can help in maintaining healthy environment around.

It takes up to six weeks in the treatment of the ringworms. And during that period making minimal contact with the pet is best to avoid further problems.

Ringworm in dogs is treatable and easy to prevent. Here is a nice video that will explain more about ringworm in dogs.

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