Home remedies for bumps on forehead

Some home remedies that are effective in eliminating the bumps on forehead are listed below.


Taking steam is the best way and most effective way of treating your skin. And in case of these bumps, it is equally effective. Steam helps in opening up the clogged pores and eliminates any impurities present inside the pores and also provides your skin freshness and moisture. Any inflammation causing germs like bacteria or oil and dirt can easily get out of the skin. You might have noticed that most skin conditions suggest you to take steam because it is very helpful for skin for any conditions. All you need to do is take a pan of water and place it on a stove and heat it until it starts producing enough steam. Then you can simply take the pan out and lean your face over the pan. You can cover your head with a towel for best effects and you can remain in the position for 10-15 minutes so that steam can work properly on your face.

Clay Mask

You can make a simple clay mask to treat these bumps on your forehead. Just make a clay mask by mixing with water, and then adding some drops of tea tree or lavender oil as a boost. Now, apply the clay mask on your forehead before going to bed and let the mask stay overnight. Just make sure that you cover the pillow with a towel or a cloth to prevent any mess the clay might cause. The next morning you can just rinse it off. This will treat the small bumps and treat the skin well. It works very effectively and even if there is a huge amount of bumps, this clay mask will help in taking it off easily.

Egg White Mask

You might have heard of it or even done this before. This is a popular natural mask which works for the welfare of the skin. It works great but you need to prepare it quite well. You need some eggs and tissue so it is an economical way. Cut the tissue to the size of your forehead and now apply the egg whites on your forehead and place the tissue over it. Take another egg white and cover your forehead with another tissue. Let it dry for a while and then peel it off after about 30 minutes. You can do his once a week or once every two weeks for best results.


Lemon is one of the most popular home remedial substance. It is very effective in treating the bumps on your forehead as well. You can apply the lemon juice in several ways to get rid of your problem. Here are the ways:

  • You can take a cotton swab and dip it in lemon juice and then gently apply it to the bumps before going to bed.
  • You may also the lemon juice with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and then apply it to your face or just on the affected area that is your forehead before going to bed and leave it for the night. You can remove it in the morning with warm water.

NOTE: Make sure that you use the lemon juice from a fresh lemon and not any kind of bottled juice. This is because bottled juice consists of preservatives which may not be healthy for the skin. You should also avoid stepping out in sun if you are using lemon juice. This is because lemon makes the skin sensitive to sun and you may get sun damages.


Garlic has a lot of properties that makes it one of the most mentioned things in home remedies. It is antiviral, antiseptic, antioxidant, and antifungal agent that helps in treating the bumps on the forehead effectively. It also consists of sulfur which is helpful in healing the bumps quickly and easily. What you need to do is to cut fresh garlic cloves into pieces and then rub it on the little bumps on forehead. You can let the garlic-paste sit for around 10 minutes and wash your skin with lukewarm water. You do this a few times a day. You can also eat raw cloves of garlic so that it helps in purifying your blood which is very effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is another popular substance used as a home remedy for skin. You just need to swab this on the affected area directly for about twice a day. There is not even the need to rinse if you’re not feeling uncomfortable.

These were some home remedies as well as other treatments that will come in handy to you in eliminating the bumps in your forehead. As the bumps in forehead makes the appearance bad, you might want to eliminate is as soon as possible. So, these home remedies will help you a lot but if doesn’t then you might have to visit a doctor because it might have been caused by measles or lupus which are some serious conditions.

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