8 Ways to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

It is natural if you are a man to have facial hair. But it’s a disaster if females have the hair in their face. There are a lot of cases where girls get significant hair on the upper lip region which hamper their looks. So this article will guide you about how you can get rid of your upper lip hair with different techniques along with some thorough tips on it.

Hair removal cream to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

You can get hair removal creams in cosmetic stores and this can be really essential in removing unnecessary hairs on your lip. You can just apply it and do as instructed in the hair removal cream manual. The best thing about using this technique of hair removal is that it gets every single hair and you don’t have to worry about something getting left. And in addition to that it is pretty quick and quite painless. This method comes in handy when you are in a hurry and that ugly looking hair on your upper lip is bothering you. There might be some redness of skin in skin-sensitive people but that can be adjusted by applying a favorable lotion.

  • Quick
  • Painless
  • Gets every hair


  • Redness of skin
  • Hair gets darker when it grows back

Trimmers/Shavers (Battery-powered) to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

We all know electric blades as they are quick and you can take them anywhere you go and they’re mostly available in every home (with a man). There is no pain and you just need a mirror and a minute to trim that female-moustache off your lip. It doesn’t leave any marks and doesn’t affect your skin in any other ways. But it won’t make the hairs vanish completely and they just get trimmed so it doesn’t look obvious. If people come close to have a glance at your lips, they might notice that you still have some hair. So, it might not be the best idea to use a trimmer before going to a date or something like that.

  • Quick
  • Easily available


  • Hairs are just trimmed tiny.
  • Not-clean

Threading to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

You surely have threaded your eyebrows if you’re a woman and you should know how it feels to thread. Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself you must have heard people say that it is painful. It surely is painful and quite an uncomfortable feeling, you might even shed some tears if it is your first time, but the pain is not unbearable. It is one of the best ways to get rid of your lip hair because it is long-lasting. That means you don’t have to worry about it growing for at least a month. It will cost you some money depending on where you get it threaded. If you have an experienced person to do the threading, you don’t even need the money. You can apply soothing gel after you get it. It will keep your lip smooth and clean.


  • Clean and smooth
  • Long-lasting


  • Painful and uncomfortable
  • May be expensive

Cream bleach to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

Using some not-long-lasting methods of hair removal may leave you with stubble regrowth that is quite annoying. At these times, cream bleach comes in handy. You can get in a cosmetic store and it will make your hair camouflage in the color of your skin and it won’t bother your appearance anymore. But it has been found that it has a high chemical content and skin of some people may not be able to handle it and which causes rashes and other unanticipated skin conditions. You should consult your doctor if you experienced such allergies and stop using the bleach.


  • Easy


  • Skin problems
  • Costly
  • Not long-lasting

Precision epilation

Epilators are made specifically to clear unnecessary small hairs in the skin. They’re quite good at eliminating the hairs. It is quite easy to use and it will clear your girly-moustache in no time with very little effort. And what is interesting about it is that it almost gives the threading or waxing level results but almost no pain at all.


  • Easy
  • Long-lasting (lasts for a month)

Waxing to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

Waxing is one of the most popular ways of doing this. But you know it comes at a cost. I am not talking about the money taken by who does it but I am talking about the pain one experiences. You know that it is one of the most popular internet-pranks to put on a wax strip without one knowing and causing them pain. Yes, it is quite painful and it is best done by a professional. It causes a lot of burns and scabs if you perform it at home. Professionals have specific formulas that will decrease the degree of pain. It is quite an unpleasant experience but it does an awesome job of removing the hair. It cleans your hair for about a month but can be costly depending upon where you get it. If you regularly wax your hairs out, you might experience significantly less pain.


  • Clean
  • Long-lasting


  • Can be extremely painful
  • Skin-problems

Laser Therapy to Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

Laser therapy can be performed in for the lip hair so that it never appears again. It was only available at skin-hospitals and some high-quality salons but now IPL (intense pulsed light) devices can be bought for home usage as well. It is just that it is quite expensive and you might not be looking forward to spending that huge amount of money at once. But it is quite effective as it is intended to target small areas such as the upper lip. It gives semi-permanent results. The results, however, are not instant. You have to go through various stages to get your hair removed nicely. It doesn’t really hurt but it can bring some problems in your skin. You must consult an expert before getting laser therapy because skin tones have a lot to do with it and you might not have the best skin tone to get best results from this procedure.


  • Semi-permanent result
  • Less/No pain


  • Very Expensive
  • Takes time for effects
  • Not applicable in every cases

Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips

These upper hair removal tips will help you get rid of unwanted facial hair naturally without any side effects.

  • Don’t Overdo: Overdoing the above mentioned procedures for best results can result deadly skin conditions so do just what you’re instructed. This way you will remove your upper lip hair in a more safe way.
  • Make sure you are over 15: You might not have such problems before 15 but even if you do you shouldn’t try any of these methods because some methods are painful and other may get you skin conditions.
  • Eat proper diet: This might look random but hair growth is entirely due to hormones and you can eat proper diet to control release of hormones in the body which controls the growth of unnecessary hair.
  • Choose one procedure: Don’t try every possible procedure at once. It might have an adverse effects on you. Change to other procedure only if the procedure you are doing is not working at all.
  • Don’t use chemical methods if you have sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin may not get along well with hair removal cream or the bleach or even wax. So, try more natural ways of getting the hairs off rather than using these chemicals which might act as an irritant and might cause you some serious skin conditions.
  • Keep your skin moisturized: After you carry out one of those above mentioned procedures, you should get your skin moisturized because you might get rashes after the hairs have been removed.
  • Don’t do it right before an occasion: Don’t keep this work for the last moment and if you’re going to a date or party, you should do it some days before the occasion as these procedures can produce redness, rashes or allergies which you might not want to take to an important function.
  • Don’t use ‘any’ hair removal product: Not every hair removing products can be used for your upper lip. So, choose one of those mentioned above or any other suggested by an expert. Using unknown products can act harsh as face has sensitive skin and you wouldn’t want to ruin it just for the sake of getting some hairs out of the way. So beware.

Caution: Contact a doctor if you have experienced some manly, masculine features developing in you like, deepening of voice, increased muscle mass, facial hair growth and decreased breast size. This can be a serious problem so you should seek for immediate help from your doctor.

In this way, you can get rid of those hairs on your upper lip and get yourself ready. Just remember to keep those tips in the article above and don’t try improvising the simple methods for better result because that way you might end up getting into trouble rather than improving it. Consult dermatologists if any skin conditions occur otherwise, you will be fine and those hairs won’t bother you much.


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