10 ways to protect your skin during summer

Here are some of the ways that are recommended for you to follow in order to protect your skin during the summer. These should work and you should always keep an eye on your skin for knowing how well the summer is going to your skin. They are:

Exfoliate your skin

 Exfoliate to get a clearer and smoother skin. Exfoliating your skin helps in lots of different ways.

Firstly it helps in removing any dead skin cells that are present on your face inside clogged pores or which have been attached to your skin. Also, this improves the blood circulation of the skin.

Exfoliating your skin a couple of times a week is pretty good for you because this helps in preventing congestion, improve the hydration as well from any kind of moisturizers that you use.

Exfoliate skin

This is why you should do this before putting on anything on the face.

Keep skin hydrated

This is something that should be done for every skin condition out there. You should keep your skin hydrated. Use moisturizers and toners on your skin to keep the face hydrated.

This helps in faster skin growth as well as you get a very moist and soft skin which feels good when you touch.

Not only for the sensation of touch, but the skin really improves its ability and clogged pores are cleaned.

You may use wet wipes after you have walked on the sun or in a hot environment to make sure your skin is moist and to wipe out the sweat from affecting the skin.

Drink a lot of water

Water has a lot of advantages for the skin health. In fact, it is one of the most important components because it keeps your skin healthy.

If you drink a lot of water, your skin can get hydrated as well and you can have a good overall skin. The natural cleansing of the skin is effective as well making the dead skin cells and tissues disappear.

Drinking enough water will remove the problems like dry skin, and it is very important for healing sun burns or any other skin conditions that tend to appear in the summer.

Apply sunscreen and reapply when in doubt

 Applying the sunscreen when you are going out in the summer is vital. But there is this problem that the effect of the sunscreen doesn’t last as long as it is advertised to or we want it to.

So, you may need to reapply it as well. Whenever you think that you need to reapply the sunscreen, do so.

TIPS: Do not buy and use any sunscreen that you get in the market. Do some research and find the best one that suits your skin as well as does the ‘sun-blocking’ work perfectly. You may also take some advice from a dermatologist.

Soothe over-exposed skin

You should use lotion on your skin and moisturizers as well on your skin.

This will help in soothing your skin and save you from getting any kind of dry infections on your skin.

You should use only the lotions that are helpful for summer and adaptable to sunlight and also the one that suits your skin.

Also, you should apply necessary ointment to an existing skin condition. This is because the summer’s effects can only aggravate the damage in the skin.

Repair and treat sun damage

Treat damage done by sunlight on your skin as soon as possible and by effective remedies or medicines.

Any serious damage to the skin should be shown to a dermatologist and must be treated according to his/her suggestion.

This is vital because pre-existing sun damage can get worse in the summer.

Sleep Well

This is not a myth at all. It is true that sleeping a full 8-hours helps a lot in keeping your skin healthy.

Every cell in your body needs some rest and when you are sleeping, the skin can take rest as well.

This helps in recovering from any problems in the skin tissues and a long sleep can make the recover complete bringing the glow to your skin.

Also, studies show that there is a good flow of blood to the skin when you sleep for the adequate amount of time.

So, maybe the reason behind your skin’s problem might be you staying awake till late night.

Waterproof or no make-up

Summer consists of a lot of sun and warm environment that can trigger sweats and skin burns. In these conditions, the makeup you wear can really wear off and give you a hard time. So, keep this in mind.

Either you should not use makeup at all or you should use the makeup that is friendly with the sun and is waterproof.

Using a lot of makeup that gets smudged by sweat or that affects the skin when on the sun can really make your skin dry and acne can appear.

Avoid aerated drinks

 Drinking a lot of drinks that consists of sugar in it is not good for your face or skin. Drinks like coca cola, other soda products, coffee, or alcohol don’t do well for your skin.

You can instead drink water, fresh fruit juices, fresh lime, or coconut water.

Minimizing the intake of caffeine and alcohol is a must because basically they are dehydrating agents and this creates a reduction of water content in the body and same goes with the skin.

Use hat, full-sleeved clothes, or umbrella

 Usually, this is done by most people so it may seem normal but it is one of the best ways you can protect your skin from sunlight and any kind of external rays.

Wearing hats can protect your face and eyes as well and although it might be hot to wear full sleeves, wearing it surely will protect your skin.

Also, use an umbrella when you are walking on a sunny day to prevent the body from the harmful rays of sunlight although we recommend you to use sunscreen whatever the case.

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