How to prevent Razor Burn on Your Neck

Razor bumps are formed when the ingrown part of the skin is skimmed by the shaving blade and produces a small cut. This inflames the ingrown hair and it gets a bit swollen. This swollen part is called the razor bumps and it is quite red in color and has itchy sensation with irritating feel. It sometimes produces burns as well because the skin gets scratched by the blade and directly exposes the vein underneath the skin. These bumps may not be a major problem but if in a visible area, it can be quite significant and will surely affect your appearance adversely. You can prevent razor burn at home by just using these procedures and you wont need any chemical to use.


These are some causes of why the razor burn is caused after you shave:

Razor burns are actually caused when the ingrown hair follicles gets irritated. Also known as folliculitis or pseudofolliculitis barbae, this condition occurs when hair follicles grow inward towards the skin rather than growing upwards. It has been found that if you have black skin, you are more likely to suffer from this condition, because by genes, your hair are generally coarse and curly. While it is recommended to use shaving cream and after-shaves, some people might get allergies because of some unanticipated reaction in the skin. This can also be a cause of the razor burn. So, you must check if any ingredients in the product you are using doesn’t suit your skin.

Prevention is always better than cure. And the best way to get rid of razor bumps is to be aware about how you shave and changing the way you shave can help you not get into the problem in the first place. You can use some creams before shaving and use after-shaves in order to get the perfect cut without hampering the skin and the ingrown hairs. Here are some preventive measures that can be applied to avoid the razor bumps or burns altogether.

  • Use new blade to prevent razor burn: Using a new blade cuts your hair perfectly and doesn’t have any scratches on your skin. Try using a high-quality blade so that it longs last and you don’t need to change the blade every once in a while. It has been found that people reported significantly more cases of razor bumps and burns when they used old blades than when they used new blades. Stick to a high-quality company of blade so that you know when to change the blade and you need not worry about it every time.
  • Use Shaving Cream/foam: Shaving cream/foam is not just for reducing pain. It consists of antiseptics and they help when you makes pores in the skin by filling in and not letting the skin get any infection. You should just remember that some people may get allergic to shaving foam so, you might have to pick the one that doesn’t affect you. If there is no luck and you find that none of the shaving creams suit your skin, try just moisturizing your skin before shaving with just water or other mild moisturizers.
  • Use aftershaves to prevent razor burn: Aftershaves are very important when you have habit of cutting while shaving. But it is equally important if you have problems like razor burns or bumps. Aftershaves are built for preventing any infection that can be caused in the skin. Aftershaves also help in cases of ingrown hairs. Same goes for aftershaves as for shaving creams, when it comes to choosing one. One aftershave may suit you and other may not. You just have to pick the right one for yourself. Use high-quality aftershaves because low-quality aftershaves use unhealthy fragrances that might affect skin in a very bad way.

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So, these were the tips for you to avoid the problem of razor burns and bumps. Go through the article thoroughly for getting a better knowledge about every procedure given in there. It has been mentioned before but I’d like to say it again that rushing in for chemical treatments for such a small problem is just a stupid idea because it might trigger whole lot of other skin problems. Skin is a sensitive part of your body so you should keep it healthy.

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