Easy to follow Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Pheumonia can be serious if not treated well. We have discussed easy to follow six home remedies for pneumonia in this article. Hope this helps you.

Pneumonia is a serious lung infection. It can get quite severe. There might be cough, fever and difficulty in breathing when you are diagnosed with pneumonia. Despite the severity of pneumonia, most people cure it at home in about 2 to 3 weeks of time. But people with weak immunity power should seek medical attention. These people include older adults, infants, babies, and people with immunity diseases. Their problem can get worse so they must be treated with care.

Pneumonia is caused due to inhalation of germs into your lungs which creates an infection. You can get pneumonia in day-to-day activities and you are much vulnerable to it if you are already ill and you reside in a hospital or a health-care center. Getting pneumonia when you are already sick can really worsen the problem as your immunity power is not so strong.

Pneumonia usually follows normal conditions like a cold or a flu but when pneumonia gets in the body’s immune system becomes very weak and your lungs will not work at its best. Some other health conditions like heart disease, asthma, diabetes or cancer also make you prone to pneumonia.

Is Pneumonia communicable?

Yes, pneumonia is communicable. The whole disease doesn’t transmit but only the germs/bacteria or viruses causing it transmits. And the environment around you also makes a huge impact on how susceptible you are to pneumonia.

Generally, pneumonias caused due to virus are more contagious than those with bacterial and fungal origins. It is because of direct spreading of viruses from person to person.

Chances of getting pneumonia can also wholly depend on your age, lifestyle and health condition.

Can pneumonia be cured?

Yes. Of course it is curable. It is a severe condition, more so when the patient is immune-deficient and can cause a lot of problems but still it is curable. Normal people with pneumonia can just follow the instructions below to perform some home remedies in order to get rid of the disease while infants, babies, old adults and people with other illness should consult a doctor for possible treatments.

Vaccine for Pneumonia

Pneumonia vaccine may not be able to prevent all cases but it surely lowers the chance of you getting it. And even if you get pneumonia, you’ll get a milder one that will heal with not much trouble.
Here are some advices about the intake of pneumonia vaccine.

People that should get the vaccine:

People aged 65 or more. Immune system starts messing up as you age and it won’t work as it used to. So, a disease like pneumonia might just not be easy to heal. So you should get vaccine compulsorily to take no chances against pneumonia.

Weak immune system patients. People who are suffering from other illness also require vaccine because they are highly vulnerable to different complications this disease can bring.
People with heart conditions, diabetes, COPD or asthma will most likely have weak immune system. And this weak immune system causes pneumonia to infect your body.
People who have HIV/AIDS are also equally or more likely to have immune system so they will need vaccine as well.

Long-term smokers. People that have smoked for a long time do not have sound lungs. So, the purification-filter from germs might not work perfectly and due to that damage in your lungs, your condition can worsen and you’ll need a vaccine.

Drinkers. People who drink too much alcohol have a very weak immune system due to improper functioning of WBC (White Blood Cells) and they requite pneumonia shots to cure their disease.

Surgery patient or patient with illness. You are in a risk of getting pneumonia if you have been in a critical care unit (CCU) or Intensive care unit (ICU) and also if you are recovering from recent surgery. So, taking their weak immune systems in account, they are given vaccines.

Some side effects of pneumonia shot

There are some side-effects of pneumonia shot but there is a very low chance of these effects getting triggered as it rarely happens. Some of the side-effects include

  • Fever
  • Swelling, soreness where you got your vaccine.
  • Appetite loss
  • Allergic reactions happens very rarely.

How do you catch pneumonia?

Here are some risky factors that might transmit pneumonia.

While healthy children’s natural defenses can fight the infection, children whose immune systems are not so good are at higher risk of getting pneumonia. Weakening of immune system has its reasons like because of malnutrition, undernourishment, etc. Other illness, HIV and other big diseases also play a role in immunity of the child or any person in general.

Some environmental factors which also increases a person’s susceptibility to pneumonia:

  • Air Pollution caused by biomass or any kind of irritant-producing smokes
  • You can get pneumonia just by staying with a large family as well.
  • If your family has a history of smoking, this might be the reason behind your illness.

Recovery from Pneumonia

Doctors suggest to recover from Pneumonia with just simple home remedies. But looking at your condition and severity of the case antibiotics is suggested as per the age and health condition. Usually azithromycin, doxycycline or clarithromycin are some of them. You will need to take the medicine and carry out the home remedies told by your doctor In order to recover as soon as possible.

Healthy individuals usually start feeling better in a few days because of the antibiotics. You have to drink as much fluids possible and get rest. Staying up all night with dry foods and no water will do only harm and you can’t recover anytime soon.

Drinking fluids is essential because it will help in breaking up mucus in your lungs.

Good diet is always mandatory for recovering from a disease. Fruits and Vegetables must be eaten regularly and its antioxidants will help your body in resisting and recovering from diseases. Eating whole grains is important as well. This is because they are a good source of carbs, minerals and vitamins which will boost your immune system as well as energy. Finally, adding protein-rich foods to your diet can be quite effective as well.

Antibiotics for Pneumonia

Antibiotics helps in killing the bacteria and/or prevents them from reproducing any further.

We should use Antibiotics to treat pneumonia caused by bacteria. There are many kinds of antibiotics. Doctors generally choose antibiotic best suited for you.

Generally, all antibiotics should cure pneumonia caused by bacteria fast and effectively. Cure rates are greater than 80%, which means that at least 80 people out of 100 people who shot are cured.

Doctors will give you a certain schedule about your medications. You are bound to have quite an improvement in just a few days. The number of days you are going to continue your antibiotics depends on the level of your disease and how strong your immune-system is.

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Side Effects of medicine for Pneumonia

We know most medicines have side effects. Only some of those many side-effects are really difficult to handle. You can query about your medicine before buying to your pharmacist about the side effects. Side effects should not over power the benefits.

Here are some important things to think about:

  • Minor side effects must be neglected for the benefits of the medicine are much more important.
  • Side effects will not stay long and might just go away after you get accustomed to the medicine for a while.
  • You can call your doctor if side-effects are bothering you, but do not rush and stop taking your medications without any suggestions of the doctor because that can put you in real problem and your condition can get worse.

Home Remedies for pneumonia

So finally, here are some home remedies that you can bring in practice in order to heal your pneumonia. Practice them and there can be quite significant improvement in your health.

Vegetable Juice

Cucumbers, beets, spinach and carrots will help you boost the immune system and they also acts as good detoxification agents. Take all the juices from the vegetable and drink it on a daily basis early in the morning.

Black Tea and Ginger

A cup of black tea can also help you keep away from pneumonia. Make sure you add fenugreek seed powder in your tea. Drink this tea once a day and believe me it will help.

Extract some juice from ginger and put a tea spoon of honey and lemon juice in it. Taking it every day before bed will help a lot.

Baking Soda

Baking soda are known for removing toxins from the body. You can take some baking soda in a spoon and mix it with some warm water and drink it two times a day.

Lemon Juice

Will there be a home remedy section without this vitamin C hero? I think not. Well known for its antibacterial properties due to presence of Vitamin C. They also work as antipyretics as they help in reducing the body temperature while it boosts the immune system. Mix the juice of half a lemon and to a glass of warm water. Sprinkle some rock salt and drink this mixture juice every day.


You might be concerned about bad breath when it comes too eating garlic but believe me it is worth it. Your pneumonia can help a lot better as garlic helps in clearing the things in chest and lungs and alongside it also reduces the body temperature.

Making a paste of garlic and rubbing on your feet can help and drinking it by boiling with milk can be good to perform every day to get rid of pneumonia.

Steam Bath

A steam bath will make you fresh and it will help clear your respiratory tract as well. Take a bucket of water along with a few drops of essential oil and take a bath.  Do this in closed bathroom so that you inhale the vapors and steam and you can cover your head with a towel while doing that.
These are some information regarding one of the most common yet severe disease, pneumonia. The home remedies and other remedies mentioned should help in getting you free from pneumonia.

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