10 tips to protect your eyes from your computer screen

This is a pretty common problem among gamers and workers who work for a long time in front of a computer or basically any kind of screen. Here are some tips for you to follow such that you can prevent your eyes from getting stressed out.

Cut the glare

Use the anti-glare filter on your screen or get a screen (if possible) that doesn’t produce glare. New laptops and monitors come with an anti-glare screen. And if this is not possible, just don’t use your computer when there is direct light on the screen. You can prevent it with curtains if it is sunlight, but room lights can cause this too. We would suggest using a sunglass to prevent glare if it doesn’t seem too funny or embarrassing.

Avoid harsh light

Use low-intensity light bulbs or curtains compulsorily during the day time. Your eye gets stressed out by receiving direct light from both highly intense screen as well as from the surrounding. This can be pretty damaging for your eyes so keep that in mind. Try moving your desk if it is in front of a window.

Screen ergonomics

Make sure that the computer or the screen in place from 50-60 cm from your eyes. This is the ideal way to look and work on your screen. Also, do not constantly look down for searching or reading through documents while you are using the computer. Just keep a stand beside the screen. This helps for the neck as well as the eyes from getting stressed.

Adjust the brightness

Do not make your screen very bright. There is this common misconception that full brightness is the best way at day time as well as the night time but that stresses your eyes out pretty quickly. Just adjust your brightness like the natural lighting and adjust it to the environment. This way your eyes have less stress to deal with.

Banish the blue

Blue lights are highly responsible for causing eye strain and it is not a myth. Most mobile manufacturers keep color temperature adjuster on their devices right now. You can use that on your phone and on your computer you can use applications like F.lux that will adjust your color temperature based on your location and time zone.

Bigger is better

If you have to constantly refocus your eyes and shake your heads to read on the screen, you are not doing it right at all. So, set the text on your device or computer big enough for you to see pretty easily. This will leave less work for your eyes and you will read faster as well as with very less strain on your eyes while doing so.

Go for contrast

High contrast is good for your eyes so try making it that way on your skin. Generally, you can use back text on a white background or similar dark-on-light combo. Amazon Kindle uses this technique as well. This is pretty good for your eyes.

Take some breaks

Don’t go all in and just stay in front of that screen for straight 6 hours. Take some breaks just to refresh your eyes. It is better if you take small breaks just for your eyes every 20 minutes to ensure that your eyes do not have to deal with a lot of strain and stress. You can also stretch your body by getting out of your chair to refresh not only your eyes but the whole body.

Blinking good advice

Studies have shown that we blink significantly less when we are staring at a screen or working or playing on the screen. In fact, we blink five times less than usual while doing these tasks. This leads to dry eyes and blurry vision. So, you should blink regularly for moistening your eyes properly every once in a while.

Get glasses (if required)

You can get some glasses if you are having some eye problems. Get the one that is very helpful for the people that stay in front of the screen all the time. You may use contacts as well but they are not as effective. Glares and stress are reduced by using glasses while staring at the screen.

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