Prediabetes treatments you should learn about right now

Prediabetes is a condition of having blood sugar level above normal but near the doorstep of diabetes. It is an at-risk state, with high chances of developing diabetes. People nearly always develop prediabetes before they get type 2 diabetes. Without interference, people with prediabetes are possible to become type 2 diabetics within few years. So, it is necessary to get prediabetes treatments in time.

The blood sugar level increases when the body starts to develop a problem known as “insulin resistance.” Insulin is an important hormone that helps our body to process the glucose (blood sugar) to produce energy. When insulin resistance occurs, you must seek for the prediabetes treatments quickly.

During “insulin resistance,” glucose cannot move out of the bloodstream into your cells to produce energy. That causes a decrease in energy level and increase in sugar level. Once insulin resistance embarks on, it can worsen over time. You will need extra insulin to keep your sugar levels near to normal.


There are often no clear prediabetes symptoms and signs, and the situation can go unobserved. However, there are many prediabetes symptoms that you should not ignore and search for prediabetes treatments as soon as possible. Some of them are as follows:

• Feeling very thirsty.
• Urinating often.
• Feeling fatigued.
• Blurred vision.
• Rapid weight loss.
• Slow healing of wounds, etc.

You can explore these symptoms in detail for better understanding by clicking here.


Prediabetes treatments you should learn

The reason for treating pre-diabetes is to prevent diabetes from setting in. Prediabetes treatments includes things to care for this condition, some home remedies, lifestyle change and of course the medical solution. To stop prediabetes from progressing to type 2 diabetes, try these nine prediabetes treatments.

Reduce excess weight

People with prediabetes often have an overweight problem and have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher. If you cover a BMI of 25 or higher, you should lose 5% to 10% of your body weight as soon as possible.

A study carried out at George Washington University showed that for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) decrease in weight, the risk of increasing diabetes in the future was reduced by 16 percent. Therefore, prediabetes treatments include reducing excess amount of weight.

Diabetic diet plan

Choosing foods to balance blood sugar level is known as diabetic diet plan. In this plan, the patient with type 1 and type 2 diabetes should choose foods that have low fat and calories, and have high fiber.

Avoid soft sugary drinks, alcohol, limit sweets and focus on fruits, vegetables, and grains. Scientific research revealed that there is a direct link between soft drink consumption and the development of Type 2 diabetics. Therefore the diabetic diet plan is also part of prediabetes treatments.

Be  active

During physical activities, your muscles need more glucose to supply energy. This keeps the sugar away from the bloodstream and reduces insulin resistance. Doing the moderate exercise for half hour a day can play a vital role to reduce blood sugar level. That is the best way of prediabetes treatments.

Quit smoking and alcohol

Quitting smoke and alcohol is one of the essential parts of Prediabetes treatments. Smoking makes hard to control blood sugar level in our body because nicotine increases insulin resistance. Similarly, alcohol also shows negative impact in prediabetes. Even alcohol contains substances that increase the amount of sugar in our body.

Use of metformin

Metformin is a medicine used in prediabetes treatments. Metformin works by stopping the liver from making more glucose when you don’t need to keep your blood glucose level in a better range. It is safe medicine, but you should first consult with a doctor before using it.

Do not take metformin medicine in larger amount because it can cause stomach discomfort or have diarrhea for a short time.

Take magnesium supplements

A magnesium supplement is also used in prediabetes treatments. Magnesium supplements are advantageous in offsetting the risk of developing diabetes from prediabetes. Consult your doctors about magnesium supplements for proper guidance and use. You can get magnesium naturally from green leafy vegetables, avocados, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Inject insulin shot

Insulin shot delivers medicine into the subcutaneous tissue between your skin and muscle. Insulin shot works the same way that natural insulin works in our body. It helps glucose in our blood go into cells where it converts into energy.

Your body cannot produce natural insulin in prediabetes. You will need insulin shot to reduce sugar level for prediabetes treatments.

Use of ginseng

Ginseng is an aromatic plant that works as a natural hunger suppressant which we can use in prediabetes treatments. It can boost your metabolism and help to burn fat at a faster rate. That causes high calories to burn and ultimately reduces the blood sugar level.

Use of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a rich herbal source of polyphenolics that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as prediabetes treatments. Cinnamon is known as a fat cutter in China that helps in prediabetes by cutting the blood glucose and reducing insulin resistance.

We do not recommend using metformin, magnesium supplements and insulin shot by your own without consulting the doctor. You must go for them after proper diagnoses of prediabetes and prescription given by the doctor.

You can use ginseng and cinnamon as herbal prediabetes treatments without any worry. Proper dieting, mild exercises, and physical activities are must do things in prediabetes treatments.

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