How to get rid of itchy bumps on buttocks

Experience of having itchy bumps on the buttocks is common in day to day activities nowadays. Just think for a second, you are in among the people, and suddenly your buttocks start to feel itchy.

You will defiantly try to control yourself for not to scratch your butts, but it goes out of control, and you will do what you don’t want to do.

People are facing this kind of shameful situation frequently and want to get rid off itchy bumps on buttocks as soon as possible.

So, today we are going to talk about what they are, how they appear and how to get rid off of them easily as fast as possible.

What are itchy bumps on buttocks?

An itchy bump on buttocks is skin condition in which pimple-like lumps come into sight on the butt and in the region of the thighs.

These bumps may be tiny or large, itchy or non-itchy, soft or hard, in appearance and may have heads that will come out as boils, zits, whiteheads or other spots on them.

Itchy bumps on buttocks can be painful, and at times it makes hard to sit and perform daily activities.

What are the causes of itchy bumps on buttocks?

The causes of appearing itchy bumps on buttocks are varying from person to person. The main cause of forming these bumps is skin irritation and destruction of the hair follicles.

Sweat and excess oil intent under the skin can cause the formation of bumps or pimples on buttocks. Waxing, shaving, ingrown hair and even herpes are also can cause pimples on the butt.

Allergic reactions towards the particular food and medicine might also cause itchy bumps on buttocks. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is too known as the cause of bumps on butts.

Poor hygiene of people especially who engage in heavy labor could also lead to itchy bumps. In children, itchy bumps on buttocks could be caused by diaper rash.

What are easy and effective ways to get rid of itchy bumps on buttocks?

The skin on the bumps affected buttocks is very sensitive, and you must be careful while you’re going to taking care the itchy bumps on buttocks.

You should not pop the zits around the bumps; this can cause inflammation and even lead to infection. There are some medical and home treatments available for itchy bumps on buttocks.

Some of them are not super expensive and easily available at home, but some of them may need to pay some cost.  

Among those available treatments, the best medical and home treatments concerned in the removal of itchy bumps on buttocks are given here as follows:

  • Use Bumps-Fighting Body Wash Medicines. These medicines come in liquid forms, like shampoos, and have to use them to wash around the bumps affected area. They usually contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxyl, which are very efficient to fights against the bacteria and folliculitis that causes itchy bumps on buttocks.


  • Use a Lotion having Lactic Acid which is believed for being helpful to treat those painful, itchy bumps on buttocks and moisturize your skin. This kind of lotion is looked non-greasy and fragrance-free that can be used on your affected buttocks after the shower.


  • Use a moisturizer with tea tree oil or coconut oil to get rid of the itchy bumps on buttocks quickly. Add three to five drops of tea tree oil or coconut oil into one teaspoon moisturizer and apply it directly on the bumps affected area.


  • Soak a towel in warm water, fold it and sit-down as long as possible on the hot towel. The warmth of hot towel will bring a pimple to heal its head and assists to reduce inflammation by increasing the circulation of blood.


  • Ice cubes also help to decrease the inflammation around the itchy bumps on buttocks and assist in relieving the affected area of your butts. You can gently rub the ice cubes directly on itchy bumps on buttocks to rid it off.


  • Don’t try to look sexy during the bumps on your buttocks by wearing tight-skinny clothes because wearing them can increase the problem as your skin needs a lot of air to dry the bump affected area. Wear loose and breathable Clothing for quick healing.


  • Some home remedies also very effective in the treatment of itchy bumps on buttocks. Aloe Vera gel, Neem oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, garlic paste, turmeric, etc. can be used to treat those itchy and painful bumps around your buttocks. Applying any of these remedies twice or thrice a day will help you to reduce the symptoms.


  • In some critical cases, you may need to visit your doctor. If your bumps are too itchy, bleeding, and have too much inflammation, you should not be late to visit your doctor. He will prescribe some medicines and will instruct using them to cure itchy bumps on buttocks.

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