How long does a root canal take?

Root canals are a part of tooth structure. Inside the roots of teeth, there are semi-hollow chambers that enclose with nerve endings of a tooth beside the dental tissue. Before you know how long does a root canal take, you must know how root canal gets an infection.

When teeth are healthy, the oral bacteria cannot reach to a root canal. However, if our teeth decay or crack badly, then oral bacteria can infect root canal of teeth. A root canal with infection can lead to the need for tooth removal if it is not treated early on.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure that treats infections inside the teeth within the root canal. During this procedure, the dentist removes nerve and dental pulp from the root canal, fill, and seal with a rubber-like compound.

How long does a root canal take?

The answer to how long does a root canal take is not certain. It depends on the location of tooth, number of roots it has, level of infection on it, etc.

Root canal procedure for a front tooth will generally take an hour. A molar root canal procedure will typically take 90 to 120 minutes.

It also depends on the approaches of the root canal procedure. There are two types of canal procedures available, single-visit approach and multi-visit approach.

How long does a root canal take in single-visit approach?

The single-visit approach is a modern procedure for root canal treatment. In this approach, it is possible to complete the endodontic procedure in a single meeting without compromising treatment quality.

The dentist will clean your root canal tooth as well as fill and seal it with a rubber-like compound on the same day. In this way, this procedure only takes about 60 to 120 minutes to perform root canal treatment.

How long does a root canal take in multi-visit approach?

The multi-visit approach is the traditional approach to perform root canal procedure. This approach takes two or more days to accomplish the endodontic procedure. This approach may take more than 60 to 120 minutes unlike single visit approach.

The dentist will clean the tooth’s root canal system, which will take some hours of few days. After that, he/she will give shape to root canal, then fill and seal it with a rubber-like compound, which will give strength to your tooth.

Which approach is best?

As approaches play a big role in how long does a root canal take. The case selection plays the huge role in deciding which approach is most appropriate. The level of infection in root canal system harbors decides which approach is best for you.

In early cases, when just a portion of the root canal is infected, the single-visit approach is the excellent, possibly even preferred, treatment choice. If whole root canal system harbors bacteria or has multiple root canals, single-visit treatment is not an appropriate choice for root canal procedure.

As a rule, if the patient is feeling very pain, sensitivity or swelling at the same time during a checkup, the dentist will be less likely to choose single-visit treatment.

What happens if you do not get root canal treatment?

Once your teeth infected, they are unable to heal themselves. It is necessary to stop the infection from spreading or forming a blister by root canal treatment. It is also necessary to preserve natural tooth structure and avoid oral health complications. If you do not get root canal treatment in time, you could lose your teeth one by one and put your oral health at great risk.

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