Top 10 ultimate Home remedies for amnesia

Here are some home remedies for amnesia. These include changes in lifestyle and some home remedies which should help in significantly improving the situation of the sufferer.

Brain Exercise

Make a time table and list the activities that need to be done. Try doing this daily so that you don’t miss any activities that you intended to perform that day.

Doing this for a few months until you feel that it has significantly improved. Keep noting or writing the changes happening around you so that you remember them mentally.

After some time you should avoid taking notes so that you can practice remembering things without noting. This should be quite effective.


Meditation is a great way to deal with a brain disease. For meditation, you nervous system needs to be sound so, you should get enough sleep and rest.

You can practice meditation on suggestions from some professional and do it scientifically by keeping a peaceful mind.


Eating a proper diet is a must when it comes to the problem of amnesia. You need to take in foods that help in enhancing the brain health and anything that helps for memory.

This means you will need to stay away from tea, cola, coffee, alcohol and chocolate, any products of white flour, artificial food colors, sugar or artificial sweetener, white rice, chemical additives, and strong condiments. Take in three meals every day and try not missing any meal.

Eating food that is rich in nutrients must be taken and you can take milk but make sure to drink only up to the amount you can digest.

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Home remedies for amnesia

Here we have listed some of the home remedies that will be quite helpful for the amnesia problem. You can apply these to get ease from the symptoms of amnesia.


Yeah, an apple a day can be helpful in keeping the doctor away in case of amnesia as well.

The presence of beneficial minerals and vitamins like potassium and phosphorus makes an apple an important remedy for this specific problem.

All you will need is to eat an apple with a teaspoon of honey and also a cup of milk will help in treating amnesia.


Walnuts are known for their benefits and they are quite beneficial for treating memory loss as well.

Not only amnesia, but it also helps in overcoming other brain conditions and problems.

Regular consumption of walnuts is highly recommended, so you can take about 20 grams of walnuts daily.

Black Pepper and Ground Pepper

Black pepper is quite helpful in treating the symptoms of amnesia. You can take it by finely grounding some black peppercorns along with a spoon of honey.

You can take this twice a day so that it helps in effectively combating the problem.

Also, ground pepper is equally effective. As diet is of prominent importance when it comes to dealing with amnesia. Just take a pinch of ground pepper and take it two times a day by mixing it with honey.


Sage is helpful in healing the part of the cortex in the brain. Sage is a herb which is quite effective in solving the problem of amnesia. It has a great role in affecting the mitigating mental exhaustion in a positive way.

Also, taking it also helps a lot in concentrating on a specific thing. You may take stage in form of a tea by boiling its leaves.


You must have heard that almonds are quite helpful in enhancing the brain and making the memory power strong. They consist of special characteristics that act on brain debility too.

Any brain weakness can be treated with it. You will just need to soak the almonds in fresh water for about an hour to remove the red coating on the outside.

Now, you may just make a paste along with butter and sandalwood. Now, taking the mixture will help a lot in solving your problem to some extent.


The people who are suffering from amnesia must focus on eating fruits. Especially, fruits like figs, apple, grapes, and oranges are quite helpful in solving the problem.

Make sure you take these fruits regularly. Occasional eating of fruits may not have an effective improvement so regular intake is recommended.

In this way, you can treat this condition of amnesia. It is a disorder in the brain, so it is not to be taken lightly because any problem related to memory can be really painful and stressful because it may wipe out memories permanently and make you unable to create any further memories in the days to come.

So, the above-mentioned home remedies should really come in handy for solving this problem to some extent. Some work in a more effective way than other. It is generally dependent upon the cause of the condition.

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