7 Ultimate home remedies for Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s is a well-known and feared brain disease which causes a slow decline in memory along with reasoning and thinking skills. The signs and symptoms of Alzheimer may be seen in every person but the degree of the symptoms differ and that is what makes it quite unpredictable.

Dementia is a well-known term and it is a wide term which includes all declines in mental ability of a person. So, Alzheimer also lies inside dementia. In fact, Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia.

Alzheimer symptoms

Of course, the most common symptoms of Alzheimer is memory loss. The sufferer of Alzheimer will notice that some bits of their memory is fading and they will try to cover up or hide their forgetfulness. Sometimes they don’t even notice and other people have to diagnose it from day-to day.

Here are listed some common signs and symptoms seen in people who are suffering from Alzheimer.

  • Loss of memory about recent things and forgetfulness: People who are suffering from Alzheimer will have difficulty remembering things of instant and they may be asking the same question again and again or repeat anything they are saying. They may also repeat sentences a lot.
  • Difficulty in doing everyday tasks: The sufferer of Alzheimer’s disease might have difficulty in doing day-to-day activities like cooking meal or making tea in which they forget doing that work half way or maybe be do it repeatedly.
  • Difficulty in communication: The sufferer might have a language-related difficulty. Using wring words or forgetting simple words might happen.
  • Feeling of being lost: Some people may feel like they are lost as they forget where they are and how they came there. This can lead old people getting away from home and getting lost.
  • Bad judgment: They may make bad judgment and forget their responsibilities.  – Such as looking after a child then forgetting about them and going off to do something else.
  • Thinking Problems: The person suffering from Alzheimer might not be very good in dealing with valuable yet normal stuffs like money and credit cards because of their mental problem. It may not be such a good idea to give them responsibilities that take a lot of thinking.
  • Misplacing Items: These people may put something somewhere and not remember where they kept it which leads to misplacing of items at your house.
  • Mood Changes: It is one of the most noticeable symptom of this condition. The victim of this condition will have a swing of moods. They may be happy for a moment and the mood suddenly goes to anger or sad in no time.
  • Personality Changes: People with such condition will easily get irritated and may be suspicious or fearful about things.
  • Lack of Motivation: The sufferer will no longer be interested in starting anything or doing anything that needs confidence because they get fed up of their memory problem.

Causes of Alzheimer

The causes of this problem has not really be understood and realized but the effect it has in the brain is known. This disease kills brain cells. And patient with Alzheimer literally has less surviving cells and connections than a healthy brain.

Risk factors of Alzheimer

Here are some risk factors that affect whether or not an person suffers from a Alzheimer’s disease. These factors may trigger the problem.

  • Age: Old people are more likely to have it. People have almost double chances of having dementia after they are aged 60.
  • Family history and genetics: If you have a family history of this problem, you might have it too. But generally, if your first-degree relative having the problem may have a genetic effect in you.
  • Down syndrome: People suffering from down syndrome are more likely to get Alzheimer’s.
  • Sex: Women tend to get more victimized by this problem than male but that is generally because women live longer than men.
  • Mild cognitive impairment: If you have had a cognitive or memory impairment, regardless of the degree of severity, you might be a victim of this too.
  • Past head trauma: Any head trauma in the past can cause this problem as well.

Home Remedies of Alzheimer

Here are some home remedies that should help an Alzheimer’s patient a lot. You should consult a doctor but these should help as well. Do not take any medicine without prescription. Just these home remedies should be helpful in being effective for the memory loss problem.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is one of the remedies which is well-known for treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It helps greatly in normal regulation and healthy circulation of blood to or from the brain. It also provides the heart with strength to clear blocked arteries.

Also, it provides some relaxation to the nerves inside the brain. This helps brain in its enhancement in the memory part.

Mental Exercise

Best way to keep your mental health is to do a mental exercise. It is not like anything physical but it is just about using your brains to tone your brain and nourish your memories.

Mental exercises are proved to be quite effective. Games where you need to use your brain like puzzles, crosswords, chess, sudoku or simple activities like reading, and writing are just a few of the mental exercises that relax the brain and make it sharper.

You can play games with the Alzheimer’s patients. For instance, you can give them a task to memorize something like story or poem and tell them to recite it back to you later. You can show them movies and make them remember the dialogues.

These are some exercise that can be performed and can have a great impact in getting your memory and mental abilities back.

Food with Antioxidants

 Foods that are antioxidant-rich acts extremely beneficial in an Alzheimer’s patient.

Any smoking and alcohol habits should be avoided and you should try not eating environmental toxins, refined carbohydrates, eating salt, and any other processed foods.

Green tea can be taken. It is very rich in vitamin A and C, so, anything that is rich in vitamin A and C must be taken. Carrots, blueberries, sunflowers, sesame seeds, and pumpkins help a lot in memory enhancement.

Foods high in zinc: People suffering with Alzheimer’s generally are deficient in zinc. This is why foods with high zinc content like grass-fed beef, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate can really be helpful for such patients.

Coconut oil

 Coconut oil helps in providing the brain with ketones that works as a brain fuel in place of glucose. Research also shows a positive result that adding coconut into your diet can have a significant improvement in the memory.


Carrot is loaded with beta-carotene which makes it a safe way of acquiring vitamin A through your normal diet.

Deficiency of vitamin A can cause problems in nerve health and also results in memory related problem.

Intake of vitamin A supplements can lead to toxicity so other vitamin A rich foods such as ball peppers, livers, whole milk, eggs, etc. is good.


Fish is also known as brain food and it is not called so for fun. It really is a “brain food”. Fish is high in fatty acids, which is one of the most important ingredient for healthy brain function.

You should include fish on your menu at least twice a week. More is better but some people do not like fish much.

You may include foods like lake trout, salmon, anchovies, and light tuna.

However, it is better not to eat some kinds of fishes like sharks, swordfish or such fishes as they consist of high mercury content which can be toxic.

Dark green leafy vegetables

You may remember your mom insisting you to eat green leafy vegetables. This was because it helps a lot in a lot of thing.

It is highly helpful in stimulating cognitive function of the brain. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, Swiss chard, kale, and other such leafy greens are high in folic acid content that can stimulate cognitive function.

Other folic acid sources are black-eyed peas, beets and other legumes, whole-grain foods, and Brussels sprouts.

Even research has shown that people that eat dark-green, red and yellow vegetables have comparatively about 25% less chance of having dementia or Alzheimer.

Do’s and Don’ts for Alzheimer

Here are some dos and don’ts that must be known for Alzheimer’s or dementia patient.

  • Do not serve them foods with bones or pits.
  • Do not make them angry or sad. They may get depressed.
  • Do make them happy by being with them and making them feel comfortable.
  • Do play music during meals. This can be relaxing as mealtimes can be stressful sometimes. You may choose a song of their liking from the past.

Here were some tips about Alzheimer’s. The home remedies mentioned above can always come in handy as they are quite effective and most of them have been proven by real-time researchers. As old people tend to have this problem more, you will need to behave like you are dealing with an old person. Never be harsh on them and just take it easy if they don’t remember simplest of things. If the situation is too difficult, you might have to take some suggestions from a doctor or any person that is a professional in that field. As mentioned above, never give the patient a non-prescribed medicine because they can make the problem worse.

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