8 Ways to Get Rid of Tickles in Throat

Having tickles on your throat can be annoying, irritating and uncomfortable. Especially when it happens at night, or you can’t find a way to Get Rid of Tickle in Throat.

If you have a cough along with tickle in your throat, then it can cause a cold, allergy, post nasal drip or infection that required treatment. Some the ways to get rid of it are:

Herbal Tea

Many people like to take herbal tea every day due to various reasons.

People even like to make chamomile tea before going to bed so that they can have a good sleep.

If you want to free from those annoying tickling, then you can have any herbal tea.

You can mix honey and lemon that helps to soothe your throat.

It is important that when you prepare herbal tea don’t let it boil as it can kill the nutrients that support to get rid of the tickling throat.

You can have two or three times a day.

Gargle with Salt Water

If you are suffering from irritation in your throat, then you should try gargling with salt and water.

It helps to get relief from itchy feeling at the back of your throat.

It also softens your throat and contributes to getting rid of a tickle in your throat.

  Add a little bit of salt in warm water, mix it thoroughly. After that, gargle for a few min, you shouldn’t add a lot of salt in your water.


You have already taken ginger tea for your throat and tonsil issues.

Aside from getting rid of unwanted feeling in your throat, it even helps to reduce asthma which is also the reason that you are suffering tickling sensation in your throat.

You can take ginger root and ingest it, but you can make tea as well if you feel too hard.

Grate the ginger keep it in warm water. Let the root boil for five min; you can add honey for the better test.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only used for skin and hair but also helps to get rid of tickle; it contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and compounds that can help you to get relief from tickling.

 You can buy or extract aloe vera juice and some water so that you can sip it slowly it. In case of gel add warm water and gargle instead of swallowing.

After taking aloe vera, you can notice that the irritation of your throat has gently gone.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider Vinegar helps to treat throat infection and keeps throat smooth.

It is taken by adding in warm water. Apple cider vinegar and water are gargled to get relieved from throat tickle.  

Adding cayenne pepper to the mixture provide relief from a tickle in the throat. You can add honey to sweeten its taste. If you don’t want to gargle, you can drink.

 It will make a lot of difference with the tickle in throat.

Take steamy Shower

Steamy Bath helps to moisturize your throat, dryness of the throat is the main reason for itchy due to inhaling of dry air.

It contributes to relax and refresh you so that you can get rid of the tickle in throat.

But if you are suffering from asthma, better not to take the steam shower because it can worsen your cough.

Add Humidity to the Air

Throat dryness often caused due to a cough and a tickle in throat, adding moisture in the air helps you a lot.Humidifiers are efficient for adding moisture in a dry room, but it is important to be aware that not to add too much.

Humidity level should maintain in 40 % to 50%.

If your condition is severed and continue for a long time, then you must consult with the doctor.

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