6 ways for elizabethkingia prevention in 2018

“Elizabethkingia Prevention” has become the crucial point to the discussion as it is increasing the mortality rate. This bacteria commonly don’t affect the people, but there was evidence of breaking out of Elizabethkingia bacteria for 2015. Due to lack of proper medication and preventive measures about this bacteria it has become viral nowadays.

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Avoid Infected Mother to Give Birth

The pregnant women who are getting infected by Elizabthkingia bacteria are discouraged to give birth because newborn babies are suffering from meningitis from birth that leads to the death of many children. So pregnant mother should do regular checkup should foods that can increase your immunity, maintain personal hygiene. You find that you are infected by this bacteria then the right step is to do abortion.

Increase Immunity Power

As a result, it was found that Elizebathkingia rarely affects human, but it was observed that people with less resistance power are affected by this bacteria. They are all over the surrounding from land to water, and active central medication helps to increase your immunity by using pills or different nutritional foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins because those who can’t resist with the surrounding, mostly older adults are more likely suffer from it.

Don’t Share Personal Items

As Elizebathkingia bacterias attacks on the respiratory tract or throat secretions. So avoid using things like drinking glasses, straw, toothbrush, lipstick, and cigarettes because these things contain saliva of infected person and bacteria is present in saliva, sputum, blood, nasal mucus. It also transfers from kissing by the infected person to healthy one or sharing things as well.

Maintain Distance From Infected Person

Elizebathkingia can be transmitted through the single drop of saliva as well so keep the distance from the affected person because you can get droplets from the infected person during talking, laughing, sneezing or coughing. You can also bury your head in your elbows so that droplet sprays on your sleeves and you can wash your hand. But maintaining distance is the better medication than staying together with the infected person because you will unknow that when bacteria entered on your body by doing different activities together.

Avoid Blood Transfusion is another Elizabethkingia Prevention

Elizebathkingia also affects in the bloodstream so you should avoid blood transfusion with an infected person. It is present in the blood of the human so it can transfer to infected person through blood transfusion, so you should properly diagnose the blood of a person before transfusion.

Get Treatment

If you already get infected, you should do the checkup with physician and must obey their medication with correct direction. They will diagnosis which Elizebathkingias species that you are suffering through and provide different proper antibiotics for various species and vaccination as per the need and condition of the patient.

Elizabethkingia Prevention is easy and effortless. If you follow these tips on Elizabethkingia Prevention, you can just avoid this virus from spreading and infecting you. Please share this Elizabethkingia Prevention to help your friends and family from this deadly virus.

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