Why drinking soda is dangerous during summer?

There must have been no summer in your life without drinking some soda drinks with your friends or
family to chill-off the heat. We all think drinking soda gives us relief in the heat during summer and is the
ideal drink for that time of the year but actually, it can pose some threats to us. Here are some reasons
why drinking soda during summer can be dangerous for you.


Studies show that consumption of soft drinks can lead to obesity. The study was done in
Harvard University showed that people who drank soda were most likely to be obese than those
that didn’t drink them. Also, it was found out that for every serving of soda daily, the risk of that
person being obese increases by 1.6 times.


People experience this a lot. This is because of the carbonic acid present in most soda
like Coke, Pepsi, etc. They do not go well in your stomach and you are most likely to suffer from
this problem of having a bloated stomach and the feeling of acidity. You might have experienced
an abnormal feeling after drinking coca cola as if you were bloating.

Lack of Nutrients

There are no any ingredients that are helpful for the body in the soda. Mostly
there are preservatives, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and other unnecessary and unnatural
substances like chemical flavors. Soda doesn’t have any kind of nutritional value and you will
never find a doctor suggesting such drinks for you because it does harm to your body in
different ways. In summer you would want some nutrients in your body, and soda is surely not
something to provide you with that. You can drink natural fruit juices instead.


Most soda consists of caffeine, sodium as well as high sugar content. All of these
are dehydrating agents. You may even suffer from chronic dehydration problem and this can
lead to a lot of problems in the future as well. You wouldn’t like to be dehydrated on summer
because that can be really difficult for your health so you should avoid soda and go with some
natural beverages to make yourself fresh.

Teeth problems 

You will have a lot of teeth problems after you drink soda. If you have a habit
of drinking a lot of soda, the plaque is built-up on the teeth and leads to a lot of gum disease as well
as it causes cavities in your teeth. This is not really a summer-specific problem but you generally
do not drink soda during winter so, it should be considered.

So, these were some of the reasons behind why soda is not suggested for you to drink during the
summer. Most of the soda is known for causing a lot of health related problems and are not worth it. If
you want a cold beverage on the sunny days of summer, you can always go for fruit juices or make fruit
juices at your own place just with the help of a blender.

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