10 Stylish and Comfortable Diabetic Socks to Buy in 2018

Diabetic socks are kind of socks having a unique design for people who have diabetes. People with diabetes may have a risk of several foot problems. Less sensation on the feet, strain, ulcers, calluses, and blister are the diabetic foot problem in which diabetic socks help.

What do diabetic socks do?

Diabetic socks help to prevent strain, ulcers, calluses and blister on the skin surfaces and absorb moisture. Additionally, they change the temperature of the feet to reduce redness, irritation spots, and swelling of feet. Eventually, they protect your feet and provide maximum comfort to them.

Difference between diabetic socks and regular socks

Diabetic socks are very different from regular socks. Regular socks are tight and not so thick, specially prepared from a compressing fabric such as spandex, Lycra, or rubber to apply pressure in a specific area of the leg, ankle or foot.

On the other hand, diabetic socks are thicker, but breathable, with extra padding in the heal area. Diabetic socks aim to deliver extra comfort to the leg and foot. They are usually loose fitting and have no joints that could cause blisters.

10 stylish and comfortable diabetic socks

If you are searching for best diabetic socks available on the market, the following are the top 10 ones that you can select.

1. Doc Ortho Loose Fit Diabetic Crew Socks

Ortho Loose Fit Diabetic Crew Socks have non-binding and loose fitting design to prevent constricting of the legs and feet. They will help to control moisture reduce the risk of infection. Doc Ortho Diabetic Socks are sure to be the best diabetic socks you have ever owned.

Key features
• Lightweight & breathable for improved moisture control.
• Non-binding without wilting.
• Non-irritating layers.
• Minimal compression so as not to hamper circulation.

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2. Drymax Diabetic Mini Crew Socks

Drymax Diabetic Mini Crew Socks are designed to maintain ideal blood circulation in feet and reduce marks on the leg during wear. These diabetic socks contain a dual Layer Moisture Removal System that keeps your feet dry by moving liquid such as sweat away from your feet.

Key Features
• One-piece Insides.
• Soft stretch leg.
• High heel for increased protection.
• Micro Zap Drymax antimicrobial fibers.
• Medium dense padding for complete comfort and protection.

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3. Jobst Sensifoot Diabetic Knee High Socks

Jobst Sensifoot Diabetic Knee High socks are another pair of socks that help to provide comfort and protection for people with diabetes. These are the best knee-length socks on the market for people who have diabetes.

Key Features
• Non-irritating, flat toe seam.
• Additional padding in the foot, heel, and toe.
• Acrylic multi-fiber yarns to keep moisture away from the skin.
• Antibacterial and anti-fungal finish.
• Mild compression and no constricting.

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4. Juzo Silver Sole Diabetic Ankle Socks

Juzo Silver Sole comes with X-STATIC silver fibers that eliminate common bacteria and fungi safely and naturally. Also, you can walk for miles with their special pillowed sole protection without hurting your feet.

Key Features
• Silver knitting for antibacterial protection and odor reduction.
• Pillowed sole cushion to reduce blistering and callous buildup.
• Channeled toe seam to reduce irritation on the toe.
• Cotton and latex-free fibers including the patented x-static silver fibers.

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5. Sigvaris 160C Eversoft 8-15mmHg Diabetic Socks

Sigvaris 160C Eversoft 8-15mmHg Diabetic Socks are perfect for the patients with diabetes with leg swelling, poor circulation, and those with limited agility. They give relief in the swollen leg as by their advanced 8-15mmHg compression technology.

Key Features
• The non-binding top band for easy put on and put off.
• Dense, padded soles, heels and toes to protect feet.
• Flat toe seam to reduce friction between the shoes and feet.
• Soft elastic knit-in band to prevent pinching.

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6. Simcan Comfort Cotton Mid-Calf Socks

Simcan Comfort Cotton Mid-Calf Socks are best-selling diabetic socks. It knit with an unbroken expansion fit that provides reliable comfort from the toe to the very top of the sock. The combination of sensational stretch fibers and the unique knitting process provide maximum support to the leg, feet, and ankle.

Key Features
• Binding Top to avoid circulation blockage in the legs.
• Low Profile Seam to eliminate irritation at the toes.
• Miracle Stretch to fit most leg sizes.
• Sag Resistant to give maximum resistance to slipping on the ankle.

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7. SmartKnit CoolMax Seamless Diabetic Mini-Crew Socks

SmartKnit CoolMax Seamless Diabetic Mini-Crew Socks completely free of seams and are patented crew socks that fit like a second skin. Seamless design helps to prevent blister on pressure points often caused by bulky and uncomfortable sock seams.

Key Features
• High-stretch core spun yarns.
• Non-binding elastic band.
• CoolMax moisture-wicking fibers.
• Latex-free material.

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8. Sockwell Kick Back Relaxed Fit Diabetic Socks

Sockwell Kick Back Relaxed Fit Diabetic Socks has protective cushioning that scatters pressure without adding bulk and tightness in the shoe. Sockwell’s signature fiber mixture balances durability, and environmental friendliness makes it perfect diabetic shoes.

Key Features
• Spandex throughout the sock.
• Non-Binding Relaxed Fit Foot.
• Relaxed fit straight rib leg.
• Seamless toe closure.

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9. SoftStep Diabetic Crew Socks

SoftStep Diabetic Crew Socks are full terry-looped interior socks with minimized seams. Non-restrictive top, crew height extends to mid-calf. The cushion is covering for easy walking. Low outline seam in the toe area to reduce irritation.

Key Features
• Nonrestrictive – Non-Ribbed Top.
• Non-Binding – Seamless Toe Area.
• Thin, lightweight cotton interior and nylon exterior.
• A flat-knit sock with full heel and toe.

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10. Wigwam Diabetic Sports Crew Socks

The Wigwam Diabetic Sports Crew socks feature a comfortable fit leg and the fast drying, dry-release fabric. A mixture of Merino wool and Polyester fibers keeps your feet warm and dry. Whereas the Fresh Guard treatment eliminates odor.

Key Features
• Crew Height with lightweight.
• Relaxed fit leg.
• Seamless toe closure.
• Cushioned foot and Sole.

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Diabetic socks for men

There are no such things like socks for men and women. Just as feet of men and women are similar, the socks are also identical. Although, some socks brands selling their stuff by saying socks for men or women.

Matter of fact is there is not much difference between men’s socks and women’s socks. Therefore, you do not need to worry about gender while buying diabetic socks. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is you must buy a good pair of diabetic shoes with diabetic socks mentioned above.

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