Symptoms and causes of hangover headache

Drinking maybe fun for a while but it can be a problem. You may throw up immediately but there is more. Hangovers of the alcohol you had are quite annoying because they will make your day so exhausted and full of anxiety.

Symptoms of hangover headache

Here are some symptoms that will help you in figuring out if your headache is caused by alcohol or hangover of booze you had before. You will feel:

  • Dizzy: Obviously, you will feel dizzy as you are or were intoxicated and if the consumption was high, the dizziness is very evident and effective.
  • Nauseous and prone to vomiting: You must be well aware that alcohol might cause you to throw up. This isn’t a specific symptom but yes if you’re having hangover headache, you’ll obviously feel nauseous.
  • Thirsty: You are sure to feel thirsty if you are having hangover headaches. This is because the high amount of alcohol you took will cause you to dehydrate and this won’t be very good for you so you should take enough water.
  • Fatigue: You will feel very weak. The alcohol is really toxic when it is taken in a very high amount. This is because the alcohol content in the blood is high and this blood is being supplied to every part of your body including the brain and the muscles. You can’t think straight due to the intoxication of the blood going to the brain and similarly, will feel fatigued because the intoxicated blood is passed to muscles as well.

So, here were some symptoms of hangover headache or hangover in general.

What causes hangover headache?

Brain is adversely affected by alcohol adversely and so are the liver, the kidneys, the heart, the blood vessels, the lining of the stomach, and various regulatory and hormonal systems.

The first symptoms of alcohol can be quite pleasurable on the brain for most people. But it won’t have a good effect on the long run. You may have to throw up immediately which causes fatigue and headaches are inevitable.

No one is exactly sure how alcohol causes its effects on brain, but once absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream it will freely go through the blood and into nerve cells of the brain. Once it reaches the brain it will cause a chemical release leading to pleasurable feelings decreasing inhibitions by depressing certain frontal lobe functions. Motor pathways become over-active. Blood sugar is not processed efficiently in the brain. As more and more alcohol molecules enter the membranes of the nerve cells, the sedating effects develop more.

The headaches occur when there is inability to breakdown alcohol and acetaldehyde in your body and this make your liver busy seizing its actual work of producing enzymes for the brain.

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