How to stop eczema itching at night

But, there are certain things that you can follow and certain things that you can avoid to prevent itching at night. How to stop eczema itching at night is the most important question for people suffering from eczema. Eczema causes severe itchiness on the skin. And, it gets worse during night time. Trying not to itch and getting a good night sleep can be a hard thing as a sufferer of this chronic disease.

So, How to stop eczema itching at night

Here, I have tried to compile some solutions that might be helpful,

Try Wet Wrap Therapy at Bedtime

Wet Wrap Therapy is the best thing that you may want to do to avoid the awful itchiness of the skin of your child.

Provide a night time lukewarm bath to your baby with a mild soap. Soak the body of your child with lukewarm water and seal in the moisture from the tub with an emollient. And, make sure you apply a wet wrap under the regular nighties or pyjamas of your kid. It is the Wet Wrap Therapy, and it significantly helps in calming the itchiness of the skin and helps in providing you with the good night sleep by repairing the skin barriers.  

And consider applying mattress encasements to avoid the contact of your child with the dust mites.

Trim the Fingernails Regularly

Do consider cutting the nails of your child regularly to keep them clipped. If also itching is a problem with your child, then short nails will cause less damage to your baby’s skin. You can also make your child wear soft, cotton gloves to bed.

Getting Right Sleeping Essentials

Other than that consider getting the appropriate sleeping essentials. It is essential that you have a comfortable, soft and breathable pillow, sheets and quilt. It can calm your skin to a great extent.

And, consider lowering the temperature of your sleeping place. It will maintain a healthy sleeping environment and keep the skin moist.

Care for the Wounds

Sleep is crucial in healing eczema. You should get plenty of nap for the quick healing of dermatitis. While going for a nap, you should bandage the wound. So that, the wound will soothe which can help in eliminating itching. It is better to use wet bandages soaked in a zinc paste as it heals mineral and moisturizes the skin. Or, you can also apply a thick layer of moisturizer in the wounded skin. It will give you a great relief to your skin from itching.

Keep yourself Cool

Heat can cause redness and itchiness to your skin. So, always make sure you keep your skin as cool as you can. It is best to avoid any heat. But how to stop eczema itching at night, that sounds crazy, right? Actually, it’s not, you can divert your mind to something interesting and forget eczema.

Increase the use of Moisturizers

Moisturizers can soothe your skin and calm the itchiness of your skin. It seals the moisture of your skin and helps you significantly in getting sound sleep. It also helps in avoiding eczema flare-ups. So, you should try applying petroleum jellies and other thick ointments that contain a greater quantity of oil.

Use of Cold Compresses

Like the Wet Wrap Therapy, Cold Compress can also help a lot in calming the itchiness of the skin. Whenever you feel like itching, take a cold washcloth and hold it against the skin for a couple of minutes. It is better to use ice cubes inside the cloth as it gathers more coldness and can relieve the itching more efficiently.

Use of Eczema Medications

Many medicines are easily available in the drug store that can significantly control the rashes, redness of skin and can relieve itching. Medications can be effective if used correctly.

Try Doing Different Distracting Things

You can try doing things that will distract your mind and keep you away from itching the skin. You can get yourself involved some work or other stuff which will keep you distracted.

Give a massage

Massages can heal a lot of pains and conditions. And, massaging can also be helpful in relieving the itchiness of your skin. You can give a gentle massage to the itchy skin part which will distract your brain and create a response away from the itchy parts of your body. Especially during night time, when the problem gets more complicated, massage can be beneficial. You can give massage to your child who is having trouble sleeping.

Try patting the skin.

When nothing works, it can be tough to calm the lingering itch. In such cases, it is better to pat the skin or to blow air to the skin than itching. Patting the itchy skin can disrupt the signals of itching which will relieve the itchiness. Hence, you should rather try patting and blowing the itchy skin than scratching and itching.

Use Itch-Stopper Tool.

There are tools which can help in relieving the skin itchiness. The Itch Stopper is an itch relieving tool that can turn off the brain’s itching receptors by distributing heat onto the skin.

These are some ways that answer your question how to stop eczema itching at night, but if you have severe eczema you should consult the doctor. Sometimes eczema triggers because of some food habits, your clothes and may be because of soap and shampoo you are using.

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