15 Eczema Triggers to avoid at any cost in 2017

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin caused by several genetical and environmental factors. It causes inflammation of the skin which can trigger in redness, itchiness and rashes on the skin. Eczema Triggers are those factors that cause Eczema.

Although the actual cause of eczema is still not known, studies show genetics and environmental factors are the main factors for developing eczema.

Filaggrin, an element for creating healthy skin protective layer is reasonably responsible for developing eczema. When a small amount of this element produces, then the skin barrier gets weakened, and the bacteria can easily enter the skin cells letting the skin moisture out which can develop eczema.

Though there may not be any visible reason for the flaring up of eczema, there are some triggers that can cause or worsen the condition.

Eczema triggers

Many factors can trigger eczema based on the person and the situation. The followings are the causes of eczema triggers:

Soaps and detergents

While soaps and detergents remove the dirt and pollution from your skin, they also deteriorate the natural oil of the skin. It makes your skin dry and itchy. It also makes your skin more sensitive to the skin irritants.

Toiletries and perfumes

Many people find perfumes allergic and are susceptible to such skin irritants. Even the chemicals and alcohols in toiletries can cause allergies and can be irritating.

Clothing can be Eczema triggers

Wearing wool and synthetic fabrics clothes can cause skin irritation.  You should try to avoid such clothes if they cause skin irritation and rather you can wear smooth human-made fabrics and soft cotton clothes.


Both extreme hot and cold climates are harmful to the skin. Exposure of skin to the extreme temperature and humidity can trigger the flare-up of eczema.


Any infection introduced by scratching can complicate eczema.

The eczema of yours can get infected with the viruses and bacteria living in the environment worsening the condition.

Food allergy

Mostly seen in children, food allergy is quite prevalent among the children. So, allergic food like cows’ milk, wheat, fish, eggs, and nuts can trigger eczema symptoms.

House Vermin is also Eczema triggers

House Vermin is a dust mite which you cannot see without a microscope. It lives in mattresses and furniture as a part of it. They are skin irritants, and many people are allergic to house dust mite.

Dry Skin

The dry skin is rough, scaly, crumbly and breakable which can easily let the bacteria and virus enter the skin cells. It can drive to an eczema flare up.


There may not be any scientific reason for this, but emotional stress is an eczema trigger. Stress can worsen the symptoms eczema and create some serious problem.

Climate and Sweating

People with eczema may suffer from the problem of itchiness when they sweat, or they get too hot. Extreme sweating during exercises and during night time can cause your skin to be dry which ends up leading your skin to irritation and trigger an eczema flare up.

Pets are also Eczema triggers

Children that get in close contact with the pets can trigger an eczema flare up. If you or your kids have eczema already, then it can severely worsen the conditions. You may want to remove the pet, or you can try moving the pet to another to check if it improves the conditions.

Since many things about pet can trigger an eczema flare up, you need to be careful about the pet thing.


Imagine all the everyday materials of the environment that you have contact frequently. Among the everyday materials, many of them can cause an allergic reaction. The materials like seasonal pollen, dust mites, pet dander from cats and dogs, mould and dandruff and seasonal pollen can cause some allergic reaction and also trigger an eczema flare up. So, it is always better to follow precautions and try to avoid such allergic materials.


Hormones are the essential enzymes produced by our body organs. But, the imbalance in the required level of hormones can cause several problems. Either with the increased or decreased production of the hormones, you can suffer from a variety of challenges. Similarly, many people experience eczema flair ups because of the hormonal cause.


There are many substances that we use in our everyday life which can affect your skin, make your skin dry, red and can irritate your skin causing your skin to itch and burn. These products can easily trigger eczema.

Metals like nickel, cigarette smoke, antibacterial ointment like neomycin and bacitracin, household disinfectants, vaccines, glues and adhesives, baby wipes, shampoos and lotions are some of the substances that can trigger eczema.

Other possible Eczema triggers

Other possible factors which may cause (trigger) symptoms, or make symptoms worse, include pregnancy and hormonal changes before a period in women. However, these may not be avoidable. There are several other factors which are not yet identified but can trigger symptoms in people who have eczema.

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