Ultimate Ways to get Rid of Extremely Dry Skin on Hand

The dry hand is a problem we all have experienced in cold winter and especially those people who expose their hands or work continuously. It is quite a normal problem but it can come up with difficult complications in the future or may not be what it seems. Here we will discuss how to know if you have dry hands, what may be the complications of not giving enough attention to the dryness of your skin, how doctors diagnose the problem and most importantly how to eradicate the problem with pieces of stuff you have at home.


The actually dry skin on hands is a symptom for other complications but dry hands include some symptoms as well. They are listed below:

  • Itchiness: The cracks due to dry hands and palms can be quite itchy.
  • Redness: The peeling off of the outer dead skin layer makes the skin thinner exposing the inner blood circulations that make your hands red.
  • Cracks on the skin: If you see cracks on your hand or palm it is because you have extremely dry hand skin and it is only getting worse.
  • Rough skin: Roughness in skin is due to lack of moisture in the skin. If your hand skin feels rough, it is certainly due to dryness.
  • Flaky skin: When the cracks get worse, the skin in the hands starts to peel off and it looks quite disturbing. It is also a symptom.
  • Peeling skin: Skin peeling off has been discussed above and it is a worse consequence of dry skin.
  • Rash: Rashes appear on your skin due to itching.
  • The problem worsens in winter months: This problem generally worsens in the winter season. If your condition does so too, then you have dry skin.

Causes of Dry Skin on Hands:

Dry Skin on Hands is caused by a lack of moisture in the skin. There are several common factors that can lead to dry hands, including:

  • Excessively hot baths or shower
  • A skin condition which dries the skin like eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Use of non-moisturizing soaps.
  • Some other medical conditions such as thyroid or diabetes disease
  • Weather: Cold weather may cause dry hands skin.
  • Low humidity levels in the places to be too.
  • Aging (we naturally lose moisture in our skin as we age)
  • Long periods spent in the sun


A doctor should be able to diagnose a dry hand with a physical exam and just by asking about your symptoms. Your doctor may also test your skin for some conditions and disorders. Biopsies can be done to identify conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Your doctor may also ask about your medical and family history for recognizing genetic conditions like psoriasis.


People should be aware of the complications that may arise when they don’t treat their dry skin on hands. It may seem mild at first but it can get quite worse.

Some complications are listed below and these can be very difficult to reverse and are quite severe.

  • Harsh skin conditions: Conditions such as psoriasis or dermatitis may occur because of dry skin and that will make the problem worse. In fact, it will increase the problem and may introduce more irritating conditions to your feet and all over the body as well.
  • Dry hands that persist despite the use of different lotions and creams and remedies may be a sign of a condition called hand eczema.

Eczema is a general term for different types of dermatitis (skin inflammation). The symptoms of this commonly include reddened, dry and itchy skin. Many things can cause this type of skin irritation including dryness, detergents and soaps, cleaning products, rubber gloves and lotions and creams. Scratching must be strictly avoided though this condition is very itchy. The causes of eczema have not been fully determined yet but allergies, stress, irritants and genetic factors are said to be related to this condition. These skin reactions often run in families.

  • Difficulty in working: Cracks on hands can make it difficult to work. If you do works that require a lot of labor on your hands, the work can be difficult.
  • Itchiness and burning: Your hand may itch because of cracks on it and that triggers a burning sensation. The pain is quite severe and it often keeps you awake at night and may bring problems like insomnia.

How to Get Rid?

Getting rid of cracked, dry hands can be a daunting task. Firstly, you can perform measures like:

  • Using mild moisturizing soaps for skin
  • Applying lotion to hands after bathing
  • Staying hydrated
  • If you are diabetic, you may have hand problems frequently. Controlling your diabetes might just prevent dry skin on your hands.


Cleaning the hard and dead skin away from your cracked hands helps a great deal. Just soak Cleaning the hard and dead skin away from your cracked hands helps a great deal. Just soak your hands in warm soapy water before scrubbing and you’ll get softer skin not long after doing this for few days.

How to?

  • Mix some liquid soap with warm water in a tub.
  • Now, soak your hands in this warm soapy water for half an hour.
  • You can clean off the loosened dead skin cells. Do this gently or you might peel off the delicate skin under it as well.
  • Finally, rinse off your hands with water and pat it dry with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Apply some moisturizer and wear a pair of gloves (cotton) overnight.
  • Do this daily until your cracked hands are completely healed.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is another remedy for dry, cracked hands. It helps in moisturizing your hands Coconut oil is another remedy for dry, cracked hands. It helps in moisturizing your hands fighting fungal and bacterial infections too, because of its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

How to?

  • Soak your hands in warm water before going to sleep and scrub with a loofah.
  • Now, dry your hands thoroughly then apply coconut oil generously on your hands.
  • Put on a pair of clean gloves (cotton) for the night.
  • Remove the gloves and wash your hands the next morning.
  • Practice this for several days until you get expected results.
  • Olive oil can be used in the same way too.

Mentholated Rub:

It contains many essential oils and can be used as a home remedy for dry cracked hands. It also heals toenail fungus.

How to?

  • Before going to bed, apply some mentholated rub on clean and dry hands.
  • Put on a pair of gloves then leave it on overnight.
  • Remove your gloves and wash your hands with warm water the next morning.
  • Repeat daily for a few days until the rough skin peels off.

Paraffin Wax:

Using paraffin wax can also be equally helpful in removing the dead, dry skin and curing cracked hands. It will naturally soften the skin and retain the natural oils on the skin.

  • Heat paraffin wax in a microwave and add an equal amount of coconut oil or mustard oil to it.
  • Apply the paste on the cracks and put on a pair of gloves.
  • Now, leave it on overnight and wash it off your hands thoroughly in the morning.
  • Do this daily for one or two weeks.


Due to its humectant and moisturizing abilities, it works as a great remedy for getting rid of cracked hands.

How to?

  • Make a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and glycerin. Adding some rose water will make the effect better.
  • Apply it on your hands.
  • Now, Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water.
  • Do this daily for a couple of weeks.

Epsom Salt:

Epsom facilitates the process of healing cracked hands because it promotes circulation. The

magnesium present in Epsom salt aids skin health and draws out toxins.

How to?

  • Add one-half cup of Epsom salt in warm water in a tub.
  • Soak your hands in it for 10 minutes.
  • Now, rub your hands gently with a pumice stone for a few minutes.
  • Put your hands back in the Epsom salt solution and soak for another 10 minutes.
  • Now, dry your hands thoroughly and apply a moisturizer or petroleum jelly to your hands.
  • Do this daily for a couple of days.


Prevention is always better than cure. Some treatment methods mentioned above will help to prevent as well but here are some tips specifically for preventive purposes:

  • Talk to a dermatologist about over-the- counter lotions, creams, and moisturizers for helping you manage the dryness.
  • Do not scratch or rub the affected area. Instead, try applying cold ice packs or compresses to the itchy area for a few minutes at a time.
  • Don’t try washing it a lot. Avoid bubble baths, fragrant soaps, or any such products that may make your skin dry. Pat your skin instead of rubbing the towel over your body to dry your hand. Use lukewarm water not hot water. The heat from the water may make your hands dry.
  • Avoid steam and sauna baths if possible.
  • Moisturize your hand after each shower or every time your hands come in contact with water.
  • Wear shoes that allow your hands to breathe. Avoid excessive sweating.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which can cause the itchy feeling to worsen.

In the above mentioned ways, you can heal your dry and cracked hands with ease and with stuffs that are usually available at home. So, you can be free from any dry skin problems on your hand by just following the measures. You can also avoid complications like eczema.


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