10 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Itchy Skin

We normally go through skin problems a lot. Generally, dry skin or oily skin are our constant complaints about our skin. This article will take you through the dry skin problem and provide you with some preventive measures regarding the problem and some highly effective home remedies that you might want to try for getting rid of dry and itchy skin very quick.

Symptoms and causes

Symptoms are simple for dry and itchy skin that the skin will be dry and sometimes it itches. But there can be other symptoms too like you might look quite short of fluid in your body or maybe you have some kind of allergic. It is highly possible that a person allergic to a lot of things are more likely to get dry skin.

Causes include:

  • Dehydration
  • Faulty-cosmetics
  • Dirty and dusty environment
  • Dry places of residence
  • Allergens

So, here were the causes. Just simple listing was done because there needs not be the thorough explanation in this case. So, let’s jump right into the treatment methods.

Treatment for dry and itchy skin

Here are some treatment methods that are effective in treating dry and itchy skin. Don’t try to jump into medical solutions unless you have serious conditions like dermatitis or eczema. Dry skin can just be treated with moisturizing.

Prevention is better than cure

Use humidifier:

You can place a humidifier in the room where you sleep. Your skin can absorb the water released by the humidifier from the air and nourish the skin with natural moisture. This way your skin will no longer be dry and obviously not itchy if the cause of itch is dryness.
Drink Water: Dryness is about hydration so you should know that keeping your body hydrated is a must. You should drink lots of water and this helps the body in removing the toxins from the body through urine. These toxins might have been giving you itchiness.

Eat healthy:

You might have been eating food hat is short in Vitamin A, B, or/and E. These deficiencies might have caused you these skin problems. You can eat dry fruits in order to retain moisture of your skin. Dry skin is really annoying and dry fruits are quite effective for this problem so you can consume it regularly.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine:

There are some food or beverage that might be dehydrating you. Caffeine and alcohol make itching worse as they are dehydrating agents. So, you might want to decrease the intake of alcohol or caffeine unless it is necessary because they don’t really good to the health and not at all good to your skin.

Go Cotton:

Try wearing 100% cotton clothing because most of the times, skin itches caused by clothing are due to the use of wool, polyester or synthetic materials that make the skin itch and dry as well. These clothes can cause rashes too.

No to fragranced Soap:

Don’t wash your clothing with scented detergent or soap because artificial scents consist of chemicals that might not be good for your skin. Your skin, if sensitive, can get different conditions because of the irritants present in the detergent that you used to wash your clothes.

Home remedies

In case you couldn’t avoid the dry and itchy skin conditions, the above-mentioned tricks may not be enough to get you through the tough situation but you should still perform those preventive measures because they will help you get your skin moisturized. Here are some home remedies that will come in handy to you in getting rid of your problem.

Baking Soda Bath:

You can take a cup of baking soda and put in the tub with warm water. You should stay in the bath about half an hour to an hour depending on the severity of dryness. Remember to pat your skin dry with some towel. This can help you out of the dryness problem and itchiness will be gone too after some time.

Lemon Juice:

You might get scared when I say that you can apply lemon juice to the areas of itchy skin, but this really works. Don’t do this if you have a wound by scratching and itching. Otherwise, you are good to go. It will help in moisturizing your dry skin.


Oatmeal is healthy to eat and you won’t believe that it is healthy to apply to your skin as well. It can trigger its soothing and cooling properties when mixed with water. You just mix oatmeal and water and spread it on the skin and let the magic happen.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are another good way of getting your itchy skin in place. The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of the essential oils are quite helpful and provide a big relief to the skin. Oil also prevents the skin from irritants and that should do well in preventing the itches anymore. Clove oil, Lavender oil, Neem Oil, etc. can be used.

Cold Water:

Itches don’t feel good at all and at times they fell burning. This is why something cool soothes the skin. You can use cold ice or baths in order to moisturize yourself and at the same time suppress the itches and you can feel better. Sometimes, hot water may feel good but don’t use it because it will cause more itch later.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

You might have noticed this home remedy in almost every single skin problems. It is quite effective and if you put it on the spot of dry and itchy skin with a cotton ball, you can get positive results after just a few times. In case your problem is quite severe, you may also soak yourself in a mixture of water and some cups of vinegar.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is very popular plant and useful plant. It does perfectly in moisturizing your skin. Just take a slice of aloe and squeeze its gel out to apply it to the itchy skin or you might also use the aloe vera gel found in the market but make sure it is not scented. This way your skin can stay hydrated and any burning sensation caused by your itchy skin will be gone in no time.

Milk and Honey:

Milk or honey could be used pretty well to solve this problem. You can take some milk in a bowl and dip a cloth in the bowl to apply it to your dry skin are. You can keep it for about 5 minutes and rinse it. You’ll see that anti-inflammatory properties of milk do well in soothing the dry and itchy skin. Or,

You could make use of some honey. You may have seen honey as ingredients in a lot of skincare products. This is because it has moisture-locking property and it helps in not letting your skin get out of moisture. Just use two spoons of honey to apply it on the affected area. Keeping it for 15 minutes will really help your skin get nourished.


Beeswax combined with honey and olive oil can do well and people with conditions like eczema and really benefit from this. But it takes a lot of time for preparation so it is not at all a way for quick results. What you need to do is to melt the beeswax in a pan over mild heat and mix olive oil and honey in it. You can stir that mixture thoroughly before pouring it into an airtight container and storing in the refrigerator. You can apply it to the areas of your skin that are itchy and dry and you may even add some drops of vitamin E for longer shelving life. This mixture lasts for up to three months.


Herbs should do good in helping the skin recover.

  • Basil consists of high amounts of eugenol which is known as a topical anesthetic. You can take some dried basil leaves and put it in a jar of boiling water. Cover it so that eugenol doesn’t vaporize away. Let it cool then dip a cloth into the mix and apply it to your itchy skin.
  • Mint has great menthol quantity which is both anesthetic and anti-inflammatory. Similar to the tips for basil, you just need to take mint leaves and place it in boiling water. After that take a cloth dip it in the tea and apply to itchy are after it is cool.
  • Thyme has the volatile constituent thymol, with anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties this helps it in numbing the itch while reducing inflammation caused by constant scratching. Do same with the thyme leaves as well.

So, these were the tips for you to get rid of this annoying yet common problem of dry and itchy skin. Your appearance is shown directly by your skin so take care of it. Perform these home remedies and you can be quite impressed by the results. Just make sure about your problem. Normal-dry skin can be treated easily but other conditions like eczema and dermatitis may have other ways than these but always consult a doctor. Don’t take risks and take care.

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