How to prevent Pneumonia

We are familiar to this disease because it is one of the most common respiratory diseases known to us after bronchitis. This article will guide you with the types of pneumonia, causes, the complications thus created by it and not to mention the most important one, the treatment of pneumonia through medications and all sorts of ways.

Pneumonia is the inflammation of the tissue in one or both of the lungs. Its cause is usually an infection, in most cases, bacteria and viruses, which are both quite contagious in nature.

The germs which cause pneumonia is usually breathed in. Infected people have small amounts of germs in their throat and nose that can be passed on through:

  • Sneezes, Coughs– We may breathe in the tiny droplets of fluid that comes out of the infected person’s throat or nose while sneezing or coughing and this can get us sick.
  • Indirect transmission of germs– You can also get the germs if you touch objects used by an infected person and then touch your mouth or nose. This is a real problem when you are vulnerable to diseases and have to interact with people most of the times.

We discussed how we get the disease and we’ll discuss that later too in much more depth. Now let’s see how we can prevent the spread of pneumonia. Here are some healthy precautions that you can take.

  • Wash your hands: Washing your hands regularly and cleanly is very important. More so, after touching your mouth and nose, and before handling food
  • Coughing and Sneezing habits: Cough and sneeze on your tissue and dispose it right away in a bin and wash your hands. Doing just this will decrease spread of pneumonia?
  • Separate utensils: Do not share cups or utensils and a separate utensil for an individual can be very safe and won’t transmit the germs.

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