5 Slipped Disc Exercises to Avoid. It will worsen your pain.

To keep your herniated disc in a safe position of not getting any worse, you need to consider these. These exercises cannot be performed in the case of the slipped disc even if they are one of your morning exercises because they are believed to aggravate the problem.

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Slipped disc exercises to avoid: Leg Press

 This is not considered the ideal exercise for legs itself. It is an exercise where a person lies down and pushes the weight on the leg press up and down. This specifically is pretty harmful to herniated disc problems. Also, avoid the squat down that is hard on your back as well as the legs. These leg presses only worsen the underlying problem and doesn’t help in anyway whatsoever.

Slipped disc exercises to avoid: Straight Leg Exercises

 Exercises that include straightening the legs to stress the spine as a form of exercises are not health friendly when you are a sufferer to the herniated disc problem. This is because such exercise form causes a lot of strain on the back and the pain can increase and the injury may be more. The exercise where you sit on straight legs and bend over to touch your toes doesn’t work as effectively as you might have guessed.

Slipped disc exercises to avoid: Twisting Exercises

 Any kind of exercise that consists of twisting of the hips or any part of the spine may cause a lot of problems because of a herniated disc. As it often occurs in the lower back also known as the lumbar part of the spine, the rotation or twisting of hips can directly affect it and this is why you might want to avoid the exercise that includes it in the first place.

Slipped disc exercises to avoid: Weightlifting

 Weight lifting is just the stupidest thing you can do while you have this condition. This is because weightlifting consists of a lot of bending over and provides stress to the spine as well as it has to support the weight and there is the pretty severe pain in the herniated disc area as well. So avoiding it is the best idea.

Slipped disc exercises to avoid: Running

Although this is a very good way of dealing with a lot of problems in health like obesity, lack of stamina and others like stress, anxiety, on a normal day, but this is not at all suggested to people with lower back pain or herniated disc. You may go for a morning walk but you might have to schedule that jog for when your herniated disc problem gets sorted out. This is explainable as these discs are what provide a cushion to the bones and muscles while doing such heavy-duty work such as running.

So, these were some of the ‘must-know’ information about a slipped disc or herniated disc. The Dos and Don’ts on the exercise part should help a lot because of how easily you can treat the problem and avoid any kind of further injuries.

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