10 Highly Effective Sciatica Treatment Exercises

The term sciatica means the symptoms of leg pain and this might include tingling, weakness, and feeling of numbness. This pain originates in the lower back and it travels all the way through the button as well to almost the large sciatic nerve in the back of each leg. Here we will go through 10 simple yet effective sciatica treatment exercises which you can follow up at home easily.

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This might surprise you. Sciatica is not a medical diagnosis on its own. It is a symptom of any underlying medical condition. Here are some step to step yoga poses and sciatica treatment exercises which can give you instant relief.

Sciatica symptoms

Here are some sciatica symptoms and pain in the nerve due to it.

  • You experience one side of the buttock heavy and painful.
  • Your pain gets worse while sitting
  • Leg pain constitutes burning, searing, tingling
  • Weakness or difficulty moving the leg, toes, and foot along with numbness.
  • A sharp pain that makes walking and standing very difficult.

Sciatica can be a real problem in your day to day life. You can get instant relief if you follow the exact step of following sciatica treatment exercises.

Sciatica Treatment Exercises

Here are some exercises which are specifically for this sciatica problem and can help your through the problem with ease and without any tear or injury in muscles or nerve if you follow the instructions quite right.

Reclining pigeon pose

While on your back, just lift your right leg up to a right angle then clasp behind the thigh of that leg with both hands and lock your fingers.

Now just lift your left leg and place the ankle of your right leg on the top of the left knee.

Hold this very position for some moment then switch the legs. This exercise helps in stretching the tiny piriformis muscle and provides relief against the inflammation on the sciatic nerve.

It is quite effective to reduce pain as the nerve gets relief from inflammation and from being pressed against by the muscle. Reclining pigeon pose is one of the recommended sciatica treatment exercises.

Sitting pigeon pose

Start with a normal yoga position by sitting on the floor with the legs stretched out in front of you. Now, put your left ankle on the top of your right knee.

Now lean forward so that you allow your upper body to reach the thigh then hold that position for about 20 seconds. Now you may switch legs.

This stretches the lower back as well as the glutes. Do not lean a lot if you experience any kind of the pain in the back or anywhere.

These exercises are meant to reduce your pain and give you relaxation, so keep that in mind and stop if there is any sort of pain. 

Forward pigeon pose

Start with a position where you kneel on the floor such that all your four limbs are on the floor.

Now, pick up your left leg and then move it forward keeping it on the ground in front of your body. Make it such that the leg is horizontal to the body.

Make sure that your left foot is exactly in front of your left knee and this when the left knee is also on the left.

While doing this stretch the right leg all the way back on the floor and make sure toes are pointing back.

While doing this make sure that the weight of the body falls on to your legs and now change it to the other foot and perform the same steps. This is a sciatica treatment exercises as well.

Knee to opposite shoulder

 Lie on your back and extend your legs by flexing your feet upwards.

Now, bend your right leg and grab the knee with your hands locking your hands. Now with your hands, pull your right leg across your body and towards your left shoulder.

Hold this position for about half a minute then push your knee to the original position. Remember to do this stretch only up to the extent that it is comfortable.

Stop immediately if anything hurts. Repeat this for 3 times and then switch the legs and do the same process gently.

Sitting spinal stretch

Sit on the ground and extend your legs straight out such that your feet are flexed upward. Now, bend the left knee and place that foot flat on the outside of your left knee.

Now, gently turn your body towards the right by keeping your left hand on the outside of your right knee and this helps in turning comfortably.

You can hold this for 30 seconds and repeat the same process for about 3-5 times. Switch sides and do the same.

This is not an intense exercise, so there should be no pain and if there is pain either you are doing it wrong or you’re having inflammation in which case you should stop.

Standing hamstring stretch

Put your right foot on an elevated surface (you can use a box or any elevated flat surface) at or below your hip level.

You could use a chair, step on a staircase, or ottoman. Flex your foot and make sure that your toes and leg are straight.

Bend your body and lean forward slightly toward your foot. Try going further into a deeper stretch but do not overdo it.

Don’t stretch until it pains. Stay on the comfort level. Ease your hip and loop the yoga strap as well. Now, hold this position for 30 seconds and do the same on the other side.

The Complete Back Stretch

 Lie on your back and perform this stretch. Lying on your back, just bring both of your knees to your chest almost trying to touch your chest with your knees.

Do this and it will help quite a lot in relaxing your lower back.

Now, wrap your arms around your knees and let you relax the lower back. Remember that your spine should not crack while doing this.

You need to have relaxation on the back and not such cracks or pain. So, stretch only to the limit where you just get relaxed and it doesn’t affect anything. This way you can heal your sciatica.

So, stretch only to the limit where you just get relaxed and it doesn’t affect anything. This way you can heal your sciatica.

Lower Back Stretch

This is another exercise that stretches and relaxes your middle and lower back specifically.

You need to be gentle with this one because it can be intense for the back so don’t overdo or stretch more than the comfort level.

Remember to be gentle while stretching your back. Bend the knee over up to 90-degree angle and keep your foot on the floor.

Now let your knee fall to the opposite side of the body by twisting your hips. The sciatica problems are quite effectively removed if you perform this for 10-20 seconds on both sides.

Pretzel Stretch

 This stretch is naturally for releasing tension on your buttocks as well as the pelvic floor.

What you need to do is you need to be on your flat back and bend both knees while keeping the feet on the floor.

Now you need to bring that right ankle above the left knee and pull the left thigh towards your body.

Do this very gently because this might stretch a lot of muscles and you might get hurt in the process if you try it pretty hard.

Do this same method by changing the legs up to 3 times and that should provide some relief in the sciatic nerve.

Single Leg Stretch & Lift

 This is more of a basic way but it is quite effective and that is why this is mostly the first thing you do in yoga.

Just lay on your flat back and lift your leg to a 90-degree angle to the ground and support that thigh with both hands. Now keep the foot parallel with the floor.

Do this lifting about 12 to 15 times in each leg and avoid any kind of pain or injury and your problem of sciatica should be pretty good.

Now keep the foot parallel with the floor. Do this lifting about 12 to 15 times in each leg and avoid any kind of pain or injury and your problem of sciatica should be pretty good.

So these are some sciatica treatment exercises. Try to follow steps and video given above of these sciatica treatment exercises.

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