5 Sciatica Exercises to Avoid at any cost

Here are some Sciatica Exercises to Avoid at any cost,  you might want to avoid while having the sciatica condition.

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Sciatica Exercises to Avoid

Downward-Facing Dog

This is one of popular yoga pose and it is said to be a fixing and relaxing position of all but not in this case. This is one sciatica exercises to avoid.

In this case, sciatica gets disturbed more because this exercise directly exerts pressure on sciatica and your stretched hamstrings and calves will only make your problem lot worse.

You may do these exercises but only after your acute sciatic pain has subsided and you no longer have a severe pain in the sciatic area.

Hamstring Stretch

Just like Downward-facing dog, this is sciatica exercises to avoid in which stretch of muscles and the nerves that are not meant to be moved too much which may cause aggravations in the nerves of sciatica worsening the problem and making the whole healing process pretty lengthy.

It is recommended not to do this until your problem is totally fixed. Do other stretches mentioned above for your body instead of this one.

This will help you avoid sciatica and treat it soon.

Leg Circles

The leg circles are pretty common exercise and people do it quite a lot to tone their muscles on their thighs and calves.

These are generally recommended by yoga centers but not in every case is it the idea.

This stretches your legs quite a lot and this can probably damage the hamstring of the thigh and cause more pain in the sciatic nerve.

Do not try to replace and try your own exercise, exercise done wrong really works differently and different consequences might occur.

Lower Back Exercises

The lower back is the main site of sciatic compression and having loads on it or providing it with unbearable pressure might have a lot of issues in the future.

You shouldn’t have any effect by pulling the muscles or sprains and you might want to avoid the whole injury just because this is the main area which might just trigger further problems in the nerve and sciatica. 

These kinds of exercises include the squat, back extension or deadlift. And these are sciatica exercises to avoid.

High Impact Conditioning

You should care sciatica exercises to avoid leaving some that have been listed above.

You may use low impact aerobics and it can be very beneficial but you should strictly avoid higher impact exercises such as high-intensity interval training or sprinting during the period right after you had the sciatic injury or condition.

You may focus on swimming and walk after 2 weeks of injury and that will be fixed by the doctor.

So, these were some ideas about whether or not to perform the exercises and the types to health the problem of sciantica.

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