8 Effortless Ways to Relieve Pain in Left Buttock Cheek

Nowadays, people are very busy in maintaining their lifestyle. They have to spend hours on working and have to do hard work. During this kind of laborious day to day routine, people often feel pain in their buttock cheeks, particularly pain in left buttock cheek.

In this situation, you will feel severe pain like you have a rapt nerve in the bum, which is going down your leg. The pain occurs in left buttock cheek in the space between the top of hamstring muscle and the bottom of left bum.

When a person suffers with it tries to sit, he/she feels a deep pain in left buttock cheek that goes into the side or back of his/her thigh. Also, it feels pain while moving from one place to another, sitting to standing and resting at night.

There are various reasons for pain in left buttock cheek. There may be sciatic nerve can get trapped at the spine from a herniated disc.

The nerve might also get tense in your buttocks by the piriformis muscle. Arthritis in the spine or hip joint can cause the buttock pain too.

An injury around the buttock area is also one of the causes of buttock cheeks. Pain in left buttock cheek can be treated with home remedies and medical treatment.

Pain caused by bone spurs, herniated disc, arthritis and other bone diseases needs proper medicines prescribed by a doctor but the pain caused by improper posture, long time sitting activity, minor injuries, etc. can be treated by the way called home remedy.

There are several home remedies for pain in left buttock cheek, but best eight among them are given here for you.


Take Rest

Taking rest is the best way to get relief from the pain in left buttock cheek. You should avoid overworking your aching hip and give it a break for a while.

It will provide the circumstances to repair the damages in the affected hip to our system, which will reduce the pain.

The best way to get rest is by lying down on your back on a smooth surface by placing a soft pillow underneath the knees.

You can change your position to left or right side by putting the pillow between your legs if you feel tired.



Use heat and cold therapy

An ice pack and heat pad are known for use to relieve pain at different parts of the body. It is also very useful in pain in left buttock cheek.

An ice pack will help to reduce swelling and inflammation, and heat pad will enhance the circulation of blood around the affected buttock.

Together, both of them will reduce your pain, and you will feel better.



Place a splint or bandage

Placing splint or bandage around the painful bump is also a very good way to get relief from pain in left buttock cheek.

They will help you in movement so that you can carry on your work comfortably.

In addition to, they will provide rest to your affected buttocks by providing support to it that will help in the healing of the pain as soon as possible.



Avoid uncomfortable shoes and heel

It is always better to avoid the uncomfortable shoes and for the ladies heels during the pain in left buttock cheek.

Wearing shoes that are comfortable will give your feet good supports so that your affected buttock will get relieved from pain.



Change some habits

Changing some habits for a while during pain in left buttock cheek is as well very good way to relieve pain in left buttock cheek.

Lifting heavy weights, sitting on low chairs, standing on one leg with buttock pain, etc. increases the strain on affected muscles or nerves that lead the further damage on the buttock that has the painful condition.



Get a massage

Massage is a too incredibly good way to relief from pain in left buttock cheek. You don’t require a massage expert for this purpose; it can be done at home with the help of your spouse or family member.

Apply pain relieving ointment cream made from menthol or any other herbal oil on a buttock with pain. Gently massage the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes and avoid strong massage.

If nobody is there for help; you can use vibrating machines for massaging purpose.

Do Yoga

You might not is the big fan of Yoga, a typical Indian way of doing exercise, but do you know, it is also proven way to relieve pain in left buttock cheek.

There are several Aashans (Poses for typical Yoga) that can lessen your pain and provide strength to the buttock muscles.

You can start a yoga class with a trainer so that you can perform Yoga poses properly without hurting your hip further.


Do bridge and pelvic tilt exercise

Bridging exercise and pelvic tilt exercise are mild exercises that do not take a lot of effort but very helpful to relieve pain in left buttock cheek.

Doing them during the painful condition of buttock will give you relief from pain and strength to buttock muscles. Perform both of them for five to ten minutes two or three times a day for fast recovery.


These eight effortless ways to relieve pain in left buttock cheek will defiantly help you in normal cases. However, in a vital case injure done by a tense nerve may sometimes be irreparable.

So, the sooner you get advice from your doctor is better for you.

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