Remedies for the stabbing pain between shoulder blades

Back pain is a common problem for a lot of people. Back Pain is experienced mostly by the aged individuals or athletes or anyone who has gone through some accident or such inflammation-causing jolts. Here in this article, we will seek remedies for the stabbing pain that exist between shoulder blades.

You might be having this problem on your shoulder blades and the upper back due to bad posture or something you did that caused your muscles to be sore and tense. Here are some stretches that you can do to improve your health and treat the soreness and the stabbing pain that you are having.

Wall Stretch

For this stretch and exercise, walk your fingers up the wall as shown in the video. You may perform this stretch either your body is facing towards the wall or with your body being perpendicular to the wall or you can do both.

The name for this stretch is quite self-explanatory and as smooth the name suggests, the exercise is easy and efficient.

Stretching helps you loosen your muscles in the right area to heal that pain you are having on those shoulder blades.

After you have done this stretch with one arm, do it with another arm and both arm simultaneously.

The best way to do it is by keeping a distance from the wall such that only your fingers can reach it then slowly let the fingers walk and climb until the wall stretch completes.

Do not stretch further if you feel any aggravation in pain.

Door Handle Stretch

For this stretch, stand in a position where you can grasp a fixed waist-level object then step back until your body is quite perfectly perpendicular from your legs.

And make it such your arms reaches before you. This is named as so because you can quite easily perform it with a door handle.

Not only door handle, but you can also perform it with a chair, towel rail, or any such fixed points.

Grab that object tightly with both hands while standing in front of it.

Without moving your arm, lean toward the object and gradually step backward. Do this while maintaining a firm grip on the object.

This helps in bending your torso at a 90-degree angle and also provides a complete extension. Door handle (when locked) is the ideal object because it is quite immovable and can provide the perfect grip.

Door Frame Stretch

For this stretch, you do not need to think of anything more than keeping your forearms on the door frame on the both sides and leaning forward. This is all we need to do.

This stretch helps provide relief to both the shoulder areas as you can switch sides in doing so as to benefit in the both hands.

Remember that before stretching you must make sure you are not having pain while doing so. This is because you cannot afford to get another injury while trying to heal the very problem.

Arms-Behind-Back Stretch

Clasp your hands behind your back and lift your arms pretty gently.

This has a possibility to have muscle tears if you stretch too much.

Make sure you have straight back and extend both of your hands just behind the body so you can keep them clasped together.

Lift the hands gently toward the ceiling and keep this position for at least 25 seconds stretching your shoulder blades to the max.

Do not continue if you feel pain.

Overhead Arm Stretch

It sounds quite self-explanatory that you will need to reach your arms up in the air.

For this stretch, reach your arms up and grab one hand’s elbow with your other hand.

Now, slowly, pull the elbow over and downward.



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