How to Cure Shin Splints in 24 hours

Shin Splints is commonly known as medial tibial stress syndrome. It is mainly caused by repetitive injury, trauma or stresses exactly around the tibia. Plantar muscles, soleus, gastrocnemius ( bulging shape or back part of the lower leg) increases the possibility of shin splints. So how to cure shin splints in 24 hours is a question you have in mind.

There is the general pain in the lower region of the legs between the knee and ankle during this condition. Shin Splints Injuries are specially located in the upper leg, middle to lower third of lateral or anterior part of the tibia which is larger bone.

A broad range of individuals is suffering from this problem, especially runner, athletes and high load working workers.

So, How to Cure Shin Splints in 24 hours

The first and main thing you have to do is decrease or stop the problem. Most of the people find that shin splints are caused due to several miles of running or over exercising so you can decrease the frequency or length of running or even you can do other cardio exercises like swimming, cycling or biking that doesn’t cause more pain.

It can be made worse by running downhill, uphill, uneven terrain, or on the hard surface. Improv your footwear, worn out-shoes contribute to shin splints.

Shins splints is not a big deal but it can cause bee worse and painful if not treated in time. You can cure it within 24 hours by following some ways. Here I will explain how to cure shin splints in 24 hours in six ways.

Stop Exercising to Get Proper Rest

Sometimes the best way to cure the inflamed shins splints is by taking proper rest from exercising because it is often caused by overuse of legs but don’t give up the exercise you can do lower impact of exercise until the shins splints disappear. Switch entire different activities that may be more friendly to your shins splints such as rowing, cycling.

Take an Epsom Salt Bath or Ice Bath

Epsom salt bath helps to reduce the swelling and pain in the legs, magnesium present in salt helps to relax the muscles. Warm your bath water by adding one part salt in four parts of water then shake your legs or for 20 minutes. The salt bath helps to remove the tiredness from your body and makes your refresh.

Ice Bath is also followed by sam process salt bath but instead of warm water ice water is taken and you have to soak your legs only for 15 minutes until you feel num not the whole body. Dry your legs properly after bath to prevent the chance of fall and slip.

Apply Ice on your Legs

Cool ice helps to remove the inflammation caused by shins splints. Resting and icing are also taken as an effective therapy for the shin splints legs. Apply the ice to your legs, take 7 to 9 pieces of ice cubes and keep in a clean cloth or towel, wrap it to protect your skin from frostbite. Place it in your shin leg for 15 minutes.

Do this treatment four times a day. Don’t place the ice more than 15 minutes because the inflamed tissues of shin are superficial so that there is no need to apply for a long time at a time.

Stretch you Shin Muscles

Stretch you nearby muscles of your heel and claves if you have medial shin pain. Wrap a towel around your toes and try to extend your legs by holding on to each end of the towel.

You can gently stretch the anterior shin muscles if you have pain in the center of the shin bone. Kneel down in carpet floor with your toes pointed back. Sit back slowly onto your claves until you feel the tension on your muscles of your shin. Hold your stretch for 30 seconds and do it five times in one stretch.

You can place the towel in between your upper and lower legs to exert more tension in your shin muscle.

Massage your Legs

Massage your Legs at home, or you can visit the massage therapist. Massage is helpful to reduce the pain, muscle tension and inflammation as well as help in the better blood circulation.

Rub your feet and work towards the knee so that venous blood held up back towards the heart. Trigger the point of sore and give sustainable pressure within the muscles. You can apply massing oil that helps to get relief faster than normal oil.

You can massage your legs twice or once a day but before going to bed. After massage gives rest to your legs, you can sleep or rest on a couch.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese treatment that involves sticking very tiny needles into specific energy point within the skin to reduce pain and inflammation. It can be beneficial for shin splints when the symptoms first occur.

It works by releasing the variety of substances like endorphins and serotonin that acts to reduce pain. It is the alternative way and not necessary as other ways because you may not found this treatment everywhere.

But is this treatment is available in your areas it better to have it?

How to cure shin splints in 24 hours is a term that everyone is looking for who is suffering from shin splints. And in this article, I have tried to give you some tips on how to cure shin splints in 24 hours.

Please share these tips on how to cure shin splints in 24 hours to help your friends and family who might be suffering from shin splints.

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