Wearable Alcohol Biosensor that can help to control your alcohol intake.

If you are alcoholic, you might want to control your alcohol intake. For all the complications chronic alcohol intake causes, you will need to keep an eye on the glasses of beer or any liquor you are having. This article will present you with a new ‘technological’ way of controlling your alcohol.

Scientists have worked on devices that will replace Breathalyzer and do more than what it did. One of the most popular and newly invented Wearable Alcohol Biosensor device, BACtrack Skyn, does the job and keeps data just by winding on your wrist.

Similarly, the apps on your smartphone can also help you with controlling the alcohol intake. Below are the innovative ideas to control your alcohol.

Wearable Alcohol Biosensor

Wearable Alcohol Biosensor is an innovative way of keeping track of the alcohol intake. It is quite effective as well for you do not have to take a Breathalyzer just for measuring alcohol intake. This wearable can do it just by wearing it as a watch on wrist or ankle or any other specific body part.

These biosensors are discreet and compact which makes it comfortable as well. It is able to record the data from your body and send it to some readable device through infrared or Bluetooth. Some sophisticated devices may also include pulse rate monitors for extensive stats about your body.

This is not only an accurate way of doing the measurements but also a very interesting and fun way of getting off the alcoholism. You can just do the checks instantly and also have those data on your phone for further reference. Research are going on regarding how this can be made more precise, innovative and helpful for people who seek sobriety.

Here are some of the features that must be taken into consideration while making the wearable alcohol biosensor:

Comfortable: These wearable devices are quite comfortable. They are generally designed such that you have no problem wearing it on your body. They go on wrists, ankles, or arms which does not produce any kind of problem of comfort. Generally, they are light-weight and are embedded within watches or other devices.

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Accurate: You would want an accurate measure of the alcohol content on your body if you are going to try this thing. The manufacturer has it covered as well. They use slightly different technology from the normal Breathalyzers as they measure the alcohol content from the excretion from the skin which makes it more accurate.

Easy-to-use: These alcohol biosensors are quite easy to use as well. The BACtrack Skyn can be embedded with Apple Watch which makes it a lot easier to use as well as lets you keep a track of how you are doing on the alcohol scale. It lets you do it through just a smartphone app or something easier. Generally, they use infrared or Bluetooth for synchronizing the alcohol content with that wearable alcohol device.

Portable: It is no fun if the device is not portable. The manufacturers keep this in mind to keep the devices easy to take outside to wherever you go. As they go on your body parts as wearable devices, you will not find it difficult to take it outside with you. More so, when you have a compatible application inside your own portable mobile phone.

Be sure to judge a biosensor with these above-mentioned features because they are the major requirements for an ideal alcohol sensing device.

How do they run and record the alcohol quantity?

It depends on various technologies based on the companies and their goals. Some use technologies like

Electrochemical fuel cell, infrared rays, semiconductors, etc. which works together and also finds the alcohol quantity through the skin.

The uses for alcohol biosensors are not really confined to the personal usages. They may also be used for crime detection, traffic control, alcohol research, etc. It does a great job in monitoring your relapse as well.


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