Severe Hangover Symptoms that you should know about

You must have experienced hangover or seen it in other people. It is quite evident and sometimes quite severe as well if you have had a huge amount of alcohol. High alcohol content cannot be handled by the body and this is why hangover occurs. The hangovers generally do not last long if you had a normal amount of alcohol but if you overindulged, you may suffer. The high amount of alcohol in your body can result in dehydration and other severe hangover symptoms that are listed below:

A lot of severe signs and symptoms are caused by the alcohol content in your body. This might be alcohol poisoning which in itself is a life-threatening emergency which requires immediate medical attention:

  • Confusion: The high amount of alcohol in your body intoxicates your brain. The abilities of brain decrease and there may be some mental problems you might have to face. If you have had a lot of alcohol at once, then your brain consists of more alcohol than important materials and this causes your brain to create confusions. Your cognitive and decision-making skills may be hampered and you may even face hallucinations.
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  • Vomiting: To some people, alcohol and vomiting are quite synonymous because some people have so sensitive digestive system that even the slightest content of alcohol may cause the stomach to send the unnecessary alcohol out of your body. But we are talking about the heavy drinkers and problem drinkers. The alcohol content is a lot more than a body can handle in this kind of drinkers and quite severe vomit can occur. We don’t take vomits as severe cases but in this condition, it can be taken as severe hangover symptoms because there can be internal fissures and bleed if the vomiting continues and you will feel very tired too.
Myths about hangover

Myths about hangover

  • Seizures: It is a brain condition and it leads to frightening symptoms. There is an abnormal electrical activity in the brain that is caused by the alcohol reaching the brain. In this condition, a person experiences rapid and uncontrollable shaking of his/her body and this is known as a convulsion. Convulsion does not cause any lasting harm but it is a medical emergency and you need to seek medical attention immediately.


  • Slow breathing: This is one of those most severe hangover symptoms because it is life-threatening. If your body is full of alcohol, your lungs don’t work any better either. It can be quite dangerous as you may breathe even less than eight breaths a minute which are a choking situation and this will need an immediate medical attention.


  • Irregular breathing: It is as severe as slow breathing because this creates more dangerous choking. In this symptom, you will face some irregular patterns in breathing. There may be quite fast breathing and very slow breathing as well. The breathing sometimes can be so slow that there is a gap of more than 10 seconds between two consecutive breaths. It can be life-threatening so you need to be aware.


  • Pale or Blue-tinged skin: This may seem normal but it isn’t. Your skin will turn pale quite abnormally in these severe hangover symptoms. This means that your body is not handling the alcohol you consumed in a good manner. Blueness and paleness of the skin are generally caused by lack of oxygen in the blood.
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  • Hypothermia (Low body temperature): You may lose your body temperature and the temperature can drop quite sharply. This is never good because your body temperature needs to be maintained in order to have the organs work properly. Low body temperature can lead to worsening of the other severe hangover symptoms and it can cause unconsciousness which may result in fatal complications.


  • Unconsciousness or passing out: A person may pass out and go unconscious in this hangover. This is probably the worst symptom of severe hangover symptoms because this can be fatal. There have been cases where a person with heavy alcohol content in his body dies after going unconscious during the severe hangover symptoms. So, if you see someone who drinks a lot pass out, taking him/her to the hospital is a must.

As an unconscious person can be at the risk of dying, you will have to respond quite immediately.

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