How to reduce alcohol cravings naturally

If you are a heavy drinker or a chronic alcoholic, you need to sort the alcohol craving problem out. This is quite a challenge and people really struggle at this quite miserably and sometimes problems like alcohol withdrawal symptoms arise. Here in this article, we will discuss about the natural ways to reduce alcohol cravings and living your life free from addiction.

Exercise daily to reduce alcohol cravings

Exercise helps you to become fit and healthy but you may not buy the fact that exercise also helps in reducing alcohol cravings. In fact, it is one of the most effective way of doing so which is why it falls in this list.

Exercise helps you by giving your mind and your body with a burst of oxygen. This means that even a few minutes of exercise can change the way how you feel.

People generally take alcohol at their leisure time and at times where there is something on their mind they want to feel better about. So taking a short walk outside or running or any sorts of exercise can significantly reduce the craving for alcohol thus produced.

This can take your mind off of the alcohol completely and the desire to drink may disappear completely. It is almost magical.

The adequate flow of oxygen in the brain and your body helps you get over the alcohol craving and think about something else.

After exercise you will want to drink a glass of water rather than alcohol. Even if craving of alcohol arises suddenly, you can take a short walk outside and that will definitely help a bit. It may help you completely forget the craving as well.

Drink Water more often to reduce alcohol cravings

Unless you have any kidney problems, any health condition has a common remedy that is water. Your mind may ask for alcohol but reply it with a glass of water and it is sure that you will feel better.

About 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is recommended for you to keep your body hydrated and to reduce alcohol cravings at the same time. However, this water intake means that you drink that amount of water not any other fluids that may contain water like tea, coffee, fruit juice, soda etc.

Water also helps in diluting the alcohol content in your body to slow down the intoxication if you have already taken some alcohol.

Only ‘water’ can be recommended as other beverages might have ingredients such as artificial colors and flavors, caffeine, and other chemicals which may not work well enough in the favor of your body.

Water is most important nutrient for your body after air and it has a lot of health benefits as it is required for almost all functions in your body.

Sweeten Up by running or physical work to reduce alcohol cravings

Sometimes the urge to drink alcohol is just your body asking for something sweet or sugar. This doesn’t work if you are diabetic but if you’re not, this might just be the perfect idea. Alcohol has sugar content as well so if you start taking sweets every time you want to drink, it may work perfectly.

As even carbohydrates present in alcohol is converted into sugar, sugar might just be what you are craving for.

Although taking sweet foods with high sugar content is not very healthy, you may have to give it a go to solve a bigger problem. Taking in sweet food in a routine manner can help you forget about alcohol.

Even if the healthiest approach is to eliminate alcohol and sugar from your diet, alcoholic people with serious issues should try eating a sugary snack and test if it reduces the craving for alcohol.

You can then slowly start cutting back drastically on sweets and you may notice that your desire to drink goes with the decrease and your temptation to drink may disappear altogether.

It might seem unreal but studies have shown that this works.

Eat Food to reduce alcohol cravings

Alcoholics generally skip a meal a day and replace it with drinking alcohol. All you need to do is put that right for reducing alcohol cravings.

You can fill your stomach with a good, solid meal and you may not even notice when you forgot about the alcohol. As you are taking in alcohol instead of filling, nutritious food, the body falls back in nutrition and additionally experiences effects from the alcohol.

So, skipping a meal for alcohol is a terrible idea.

Take 3 square meals a day. This will be your secret weapon towards resisting the urge of drinking alcohol. Make it a habit and follow strictly because it will take a while for an alcoholic to return to his original state of sobriety.

Regular intake of breakfast, lunch and dinner will diminish your desire to drink. It works on immediate cases as well. If you feel an urge to drink right now, you can eat a full meal and your desire will be gone probably because you are full and your stomach doesn’t want anything else.


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