Process of Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment

Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment is more for the people who haven’t been severely affected by the alcohol problem. Although this is very similar to the inpatient programs, you get to return to your home at the end of the day and you also have the freedom to carry out the responsibilities you have like taking care of your children or pet or any elderly parents. You will have very fewer obligations but there is a strict rule about your alcohol consumption.

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This way of treatment is quite effective for mildly addicted people but it may not be such a good idea for the people with dual diagnosis conditions and long-term addictions that are serious.

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Types of Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment

There are a lot of outpatient rehab options along with the below mentioned popular options. These options are generally made available based on the level of addiction you are at and your own personal needs.

  • Intensive outpatient: It is quite similar to the inpatient rehabilitation method and it also consists of the residential programs. The services are almost similar and it is quite effective as well. The major focus in this type of treatment is relapse prevention. Intensive outpatient programs generally occur for about 3-4 days a week and about 4 hours a day and this should be effective because generally the time is kept such that school or workplace’s time can be accommodated.
  • Partial hospitalization: If your body doesn’t respond well to withdrawal and the whole rehabilitation process, this is an important option for you. As you require constant care and monitoring on your health, you have to get this almost hospital experience so that you do not put your health at risk during this recovery process and to make sure that your treatment is going the right way and with a right pace as well. This is a more intense treatment and it includes about 3-5 days of treatment and some more hours than normal inpatient treatment.
  • Therapy and counseling: This kind of treatments are generally carried out for helping you live a normal life even after all the struggle with the alcohol abuse and then the rehabilitation thing. Group therapies and counseling program can be helpful in determining the faults in relations of the patient and also provides the insight of how to solve it effectively.

Like inpatient treatment, this treatment method also has its pros and cons. Here listed are some of its benefits as well as the drawbacks.

Pros of Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment

Here are some benefits that you can take by taking part in this type of rehabilitation program.

  • You will not have a very expensive pricing because of the exclusion of room and board. Reduced cost due to not having to pay for room and board.
  • You have the privilege to work or study along with the treatment process. This gives you some flexibility in your life along with the rehabilitation care going on. The ability to attend work or school while receiving care.
  • In this treatment process, you can support your family along with the process as well. You can be with your loved ones at the end of the day.
  • You can also practice the relapse prevention techniques and you can do this in a real world rather than in a simulated environment. This can be really helpful.

Cons of Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment

With all these benefits that are mentioned in the above section, there come some cons as well. They are:

  • You will not have a 24/7 care and that can be dangerous if you have vulnerable health or you have a problem in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.
  • You will have easier access to alcohol or drugs that you are trying to avoid. Extreme crave may result in a further intake and you might have to go through the whole detox process all over again and start fresh.
  • You will have a heightened relapse risk in case your home environment is unsuitable and is unstable and stressful.
  • It depends on what you are trying to get rid of and how it has affected you but you will not have as much attention as you would in an inpatient treatment facility. There may be some life-threatening dangerous situations that arise during detox and withdrawal which may go unaccounted due to the outpatient protocol.

So, these are some brief introduction about this treatment and its good as well as the bad sides. The ultimate decision is yours and you should take it carefully because it can highly affect in your future after the whole alcoholism thing. Choose suitable method so that you can be sober fast and never turn back to any alcohol or drug abuse.

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