Mobile apps that can help to control your alcohol intake.


SoberTool is an app that can be found on both popular mobile platforms that are android and iOS. SoberTool designed to eliminate any kind of addiction you have.

It is quite user-friendly and you will love it because it is almost conversational. Although it works for any kind of addiction, it was designed for reducing alcoholism so it is their first priority.

We know that cravings may attack an individual unexpectedly and sometimes in those conditions, you might not have anyone around you. At these times, this app has you covered.

You can control these cravings just by touching on your smartphone. There are custom messages for helping you out to stop craving and the issues mentioned are specific which helps you deal with them with ease.

SoberTool App for iphone and andriod to reduce your level of alcohol intake

SoberTool App for iPhone and Andriod to reduce your level of alcohol intake

Even if you don’t feel like relapsing, you may as well use the app because the extensive amount of questions on the main page of the app helps you with the problems you are facing and how to overcome it.

It is quite fun as well as you get congratulatory rewards and also automatic daily messages for you to have the best user experience.

SoberTool is fun, easy, and fast. All you have to is touch the prompts on the screen and it will lead to specific answers regarding the specific problems to display on the screen.

The reward system will make you feel like it is some video game! If you choose to receive a daily recovery message, that can be helpful too.

The inbuilt Search Engine helps you in choosing answers to sobriety-related threatening issues as well.

NOTE: SoberTool is just for making your alcohol problem easier and helping to get over it. This doesn’t mean you can replace it with treatment or therapy you are going through. Do not abandon those therapies for this app. You can take both hand in hands for better results.

Download iOS Version or Andriod Version

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid is an app that works like a drinks diary, alcohol consumption tracker, and blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator.

AlcoDroid helps in tracking your cost of the drinks as well to make you aware and it lets you get a better handle of the liquor you drink and helps in change your drinking habits accordingly. Optionally it also tracks costs of your drinks.

AlcoDroid gives an estimate of your BAC (blood alcohol content) based on the drinks you’ve entered into the app.

It also plots your BAC development in an organized chart and it also indicates when you get the legal limit and back to sobriety.

This app also comes with widgets which will help you in tracking your current BAC just from the home screen.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker Andriod app for alcohol intake reduction

The Application description of AlcoDroid in Play Store claims that this app allows you to:

– Edit, show, and export your drinking logbook

– Chart your drinking habits for different periods of time like daily, weekly or monthly

– Display and export all these daily, weekly and monthly statistics of alcohol consumption

– Set your goal for drinking and see how your habits match the goal

– You can even setup your own list of drink presets so that it helps to log your drinks fast

– Pin the most frequently used drinks to the main screen so that you can log your drinks by just two clicks

– Share your BAC Chart and status on Facebook or e-mail,

This app also supports US, imperial and metric units.

Download AlcoDroid your Andriod Phone

So, these were some unique but effective ideas that can help you get over with alcohol without having to put too much stress on it. These are easier because they cooperate well with the day to day activity without hampering any time or space.

The device mentioned above is quite cheap for its functions and the apps are free for you to use and get a great experience of getting rid of alcohol. If somehow you do not like those products mentioned above, you can search some others as well because these are more encouraged for they come quite in handy.

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