Milk Thistle is ultimate remedy for Alcoholics

Milk Thistle is a popular remedy which is said to be beneficial for people who overindulge in alcohol. We know that one of the most serious complications alcoholism results in is liver damage.

So, you need to really take a good care of yourself. Milk Thistle may not be effective enough to cure the liver complication completely on its own but it surely reduces the severity of the condition. It is very popular for being healthy in the cases of alcohol conditions as this has the ability to enhance the liver function.

Silybum marianum is the technical name for milk thistle and it has been used for a long time now for the treatment of liver conditions. Although it was originally found in the southern parts of Europe, you can find it anywhere across the globe now.

Milk Thistle consists of a chemical called silymarin, which possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can be quite helpful for the liver. Some people believe that silymarin not only prevents any damage to the liver but also heals any damage that has been already done to the liver.

How to Use Milk Thistle?

Generally, people consume milk thistle through the capsule form. But there are various products found on the market with different amount of it due to which the dosage instructions may vary from one product to another.

Remember that sometimes milk thistle can cause some side-effects so you should choose the product from a reputed company and which has a thorough instruction about the dosage.

Side-Effects of Milk Thistle

These are some of the side-effects that people might experience when taking milk thistle as an herbal remedy. Some people experience this due to specific allergies to chemicals.

  • Diarrhea: Some people have reported to have suffered from diarrhea after taking milk thistle. Discontinue usage if you experience that too.
  • Nausea: There are reports about people being nauseated after taking milk thistle. Sometimes this can make the problem worse so be cautious.
  • Bloating: Your digestive system may not welcome milk thistle in a very good manner and you might have bloating of stomach and gas as well.
  • Allergic reactions: Any person who is allergic to ragweed should stay away from this because all sorts of allergic reactions can occur.
  • Reactions with other medications: Some medications of chronic diseases or normal diseases may react with the milk thistle and produce unexpected results. So, you need to take advice from a medical practitioner about your condition before taking it. Especially pregnant and breastfeeding women should keep this in mind.

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