Is Alcoholism Hereditary or Genetic? How to fight it?

Is Alcoholism Hereditary or Genetic seems to be a statement for people to blame their parents for their alcoholic habit? Studies show that if your parents are alcoholic, you have a 50% chance of being an alcoholic as well but that depends on loads of other factors as well so telling it directly is not possible.

Even environmental factors that affect in a person’s alcoholic habit can be mistaken as a hereditary character. For instance, if you live in an area where there are a lot of liquor shops and you have to drink in every other occasions and gathering, then your parent being an alcoholic is not a surprising thing and this could pass on to you as well because of the environment and not solely due to heredity.

You could take Asians as an example. A lot of Asians cannot tolerate alcohol at all because they have conditions like redness of the face, hives, rapid heartbeat etc. because their body cannot handle alcohol.

This is because people with Asian descent have low alcohol metabolizing power and the genes are passed on to their young ones as well. So, these different genes that perform different activities alter the characters and may increase or decrease the likelihood of someone being an alcoholic.

Alcohol is not completely hereditary but genes do have some alterations that can lead you to alcoholism.

There have been a lot of research on this and they show that the children are affected by the habit and the influence of their parents that the genes itself. So, there are some factors that might be the reason behind someone’s alcoholic habits.

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

The risk of a person’s drinking habit is increased by these factors as per the findings of the research:

  • Depressed alcoholic parent: The chances increases if you have parents with psychological problems and depression due to alcohol.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse: If both parents perform alcohol and drugs abuse, you increase your chance of being an alcoholic genetically as well as due to influence.
  • Violence and aggression due to alcohol: If you experience aggressive nature from your parents which lead to physical and mental violence, it will cast negativity in your mind making you prone to alcohol abuse.
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You should not get scared by this if you lie under those categories because at the end you decide if you want to become alcoholic or you want to invest your time and money in something important.

Growing up in a troubled household is a problem but it doesn’t show very much of effect on children’s drinking habit. So, you should not worry about that at all.

What not to do?

As I mentioned earlier, you are what you want yourself to be. So, here are some common-sense advice for you to acknowledge so that you can avoid being an alcoholic yourself.

  • Avoid underage drinking: This is a must. You may know that this is illegal as well. You should not drink even if you get a chance. Studies show that risk of alcoholism is very high in people who start drinking in an early age. Avoiding alcohol in an early age can also create hatred towards it and this may work in avoiding you to drink it at any moment in life.
  • If it is necessary to drink, drink moderately: Overindulgence is bad for your health as well as your habit. If you drink too much, you will have a habit of drinking a lot, leading you to alcoholism. You shouldn’t drink at all if possible, but even if you want or have to drink, drink moderately. To keep a disciplined limit, a woman shouldn’t drink more than a drink a day and a man shouldn’t exceed the two drink marks per day. This is a guideline provided by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. If you have chronic diseases or if you are pregnant, DO NOT DRINK at all.
  • Talk to a health care professional: If you have already started drinking excessively,  you should visit a doctor or a health care professional. Discussing your problems can help you get an idea how worse your drinking habit is and how you can slow it down and stop the drinking habit altogether. They can advise you with the techniques to cut back drinking.

Do not get overwhelmed by the increased risk if you have an alcoholic parent because it doesn’t necessarily make you an alcoholic as well. The tips that are listed above should help you not get into a drinking habit and you should be away from alcohol. So, it should answer the question “is alcoholism hereditary”. It is not from genes but yes your surrounding and environment can effect a lot. 

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