Hangover Food: The best foods to cure your hangover instantly

If you already are facing the problem, there are some foods that help you cure a hangover. The foods to cure hangover are:

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Tomato Juice

Tomato is quite an effective hangover food. This works perfectly to control hangover symptoms. Drinking tomato juice is a simple yet effective way to control the effects of alcohol you took. Tomato juice has fructose which helps a lot in metabolizing the alcohol in your stomach and it helps in doing this quite quickly. Any after effects of drinking is quickly canceled out by all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals present in the tomato juice.

All you need to do is pour fresh tomato juice or soup in a glass and mix some lemon juice and honey and some cayenne pepper as well. Now drinking this juice twice a day in morning and afternoon will do the trick.


Lots of drink you are having can get your body drained from potassium contents. So, to recover from the loss of potassium and also all the electrolytes you lost with the drink, you can eat this hangover food, banana. Banana is a good source of potassium and it also helps in boosting your energy level as well as calming your stomach.

You may eat a couple of bananas after having a session of heavy drinking as this helps in alleviating hangover symptoms. If you don’t like eating it directly, you may prepare banana milkshake to drink by sweetening it with honey.


Eating a big juicy burger before drinking that alcohol will save you from the hangover symptoms. The burger consists of the combination of fat and protein that will make sure that the alcohol you drink will not produce a hard hangover and you won’t have any nasty hangovers the next day either. Although you should eat a burger, avoid those fries and add salad into the combo. And you might also look at the calorie count of the burger. Eat a burger will low calorie as well.


Oatmeal is something you may take as a regular breakfast meal. And it might be quite surprising that taking this can ease the hangover symptoms. This is a hangover food because it helps in fight back against the morning-after anxiety. Eating starchy carbohydrates such as oatmeal after a huge session of lots of drinking will improve your mood and do so quite effectively. Carbs help in boosting serotonin which is the feel-good hormone and this quite literally.


It is known that a person loses his hydration due to overindulgence of alcohol during alcohol symptoms. It consists of L-citrulline which makes it a hangover food. It also boosts the blood circulation and this helps in elimination of present toxic in the blood. It is also helpful in curing any type of a hangover headache caused by alcohol. Research has also shown that if you have problems with the erection because of alcohol, this remedy can be of great help. 


Your body and all the organs present their needs to be balanced on the fluid levels after a strong fluctuation due to the intake of alcohol. Guava provides you with all that plus it also increases the immune support of the body. As it has a high concentration of C, you may want to eat it for its positive effect alone. Strawberries, pineapple, and papaya can also be taken as they are also rich in vitamin C which makes it a hangover food.



If you want to prevent any severe next-morning symptoms as well as any kind of intoxication and hangovers, you can take nuts. Generally, people report that almonds are quite helpful in these cases. This is because almonds and walnuts help in slowing the absorption of alcohol by your body and also they are quite healthy. You may also take some chocolate bars or any kind of bars that consists of nuts. As these bars also consists of salt, the effectiveness of the use of nuts working on your side is almost double and is quite effective.


The leafy greens are hangover food. They consist of folic acid, sulfur and vitamin C and those are all nutrients which help in warding off the hangover symptoms. You may take spinach salad before going somewhere to drink. This is because spinach is rich in fiber and taking it before a drinking session will help you as it makes you full and you will probably drink less and hangover symptoms decrease as well.

So, these were the hangover foods that will work as remedies for severe hangover symptoms. This should be pretty easy as they lie under normal vegetables and it is abundant.

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