How effective is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), founded in 1935 by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson in Akron, Ohio, is an international mutual aid fellowship. Its primary purpose is to help alcoholics in staying sober and helping other alcoholic people in achieving sobriety.

The early members of the AA group established a ‘Twelve Step program’ for character and spiritual development of the members and the initial Twelve Traditions of AA were introduced in 1946. It generally doesn’t have any outside issues and influences as it follows the Twelve Traditions.

So, now, it is basically a group of women and men sharing their experiences, hopes, and strengths with each other to solve their common problem and also help the others to get influenced and recover from alcoholism.

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The official website of AA says that the only requirement to get in and participate in the AA meetings is to have a determination and desire to stop drinking. The primary purpose of this fellowship is to stay sober and help other people who are alcoholic to achieve sobriety.

The main question is how effective this fellowship is. Here are some points that may help you know exactly how effective it is.

Popular influence: You will know that this program is quite effective by how even the popular people like celebrities also attend this program. They would not spend their precious time coming to these meetings if it didn’t help in removing any sorts of addiction they have. So, if you are attending a meeting of AA then chances are you may meet people you see on TV as well.

Spread across the globe: The effectiveness of this program can be explained by how it has spread across the whole wide world. Almost every country has been influenced and they are running actively. This wouldn’t be possible if people didn’t find it effective. People have found it to be so successful in solving the drinking problem that they have started it in countries other than developed ones as well.

Trending: This has been a trend among people who are struggling with this problem and people who have such alcoholics in the family are also encouraging them to join in these meetings. This is sole because the fellowship and the whole idea of meetings have been effective and many people have been reformed from it.

Supported by people: Big organizations and huge personalities have supported the AA programs throughout the world. Nowadays, the rent for the AA meetings is also waived at religious places as they think this is a work that should be encouraged and must be done more often. Same goes with meetings at some educational institution which also do not take rental fees. This tells that it is effective.

Experiences shared from people: People who have been involved in AA meetings have mostly said that these meetings changed them. The experiences shared by the people from around the world makes it clear that AA meetings are quite effective and they do what they claim to do that is, to change your habit and make you sober and free from alcoholism.

Media: You may not have noticed it a lot but media talks about this too. Occasionally, some TV shows and movies show similar scenarios although the fellowship’s name may not be mentioned. You will know it is effective by how the people are shown to have improved in those shows.

Replacing expensive rehabs: Though people used to send alcoholics to rehab for bringing back their sobriety, AA meetings are replacing the numbers. If going to a number of meetings and meeting people is effective enough to get you through a problem, then there is no need to pay the fees in rehabilitation centers and this shows how effective Alcoholics Anonymous is.

Spread to other addiction: Alcoholism is not the only addiction this world is facing. Addiction to drugs and all the other kind of addictive materials are creating problems and the concept of AA is spreading. Sometimes AA programs include these themselves or other organizations follow the similar ways to conduct and spread these meetings to a lot of addictions people are having.

How effective is Alcoholics Anonymous

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