What to eat after a hangover and vomiting?

Your food intake after alcohol consumption makes quite a difference on how your body will process the alcohol. Some foods will be effective in eradicating some of the toxicity of alcohol or slowing them and leading you to less severe and short hangover. But what if you are already having the hangover and suffering from one of its consequences like vomiting? You need to know what to eat after a hangover and vomiting. Usually, the food that helps you not get hangover gets you out of this problem as well. SO, here are some foods that will help you know what to eat after a hangover and vomiting.



As we all know, eggs are full of amino acids including cysteine and taurine. Cysteine helps in getting rid of the toxins causing the hangover and also prevents its symptoms. Taurine, on the other hand, helps in boosting liver function. So, this is exactly what to eat after a hangover and vomiting. Also, you get a lot of protein from eggs and this will help you avoid any other kind of foods that are oily or fried which may make your stomach feel worse. So, consuming egg is always good. You may ask any other person to cook the egg if you feel like vomiting because of the smell of a raw egg.


Soup is always a good idea and choosing chicken noodle soup or miso soup will only do you good as they consist of sodium and potassium allowing your body to retain its hydration. They don’t go all harsh on your digestive system as well so you should add soup into your list. Caution: Remember that cheap cans of soups can have unknown chemicals and preservatives which cannot be processed by your body in such condition, so always give it a look and choose a soup from a reputed company or with less or no preservatives.


Bananas never do harm and it is quite effective in this case as well. It consists of a huge amount of potassium and it also helps in balancing salt levels in the blood. Also, it works as an important electrolyte as it is depleted after you have had a lot of alcohol. You may take banana directly or in other forms and recipes. Banana pancakes will always be tasty as well as helpful for your problem.


Fructose containing honey that is all-natural and raw will help to break down the alcohol faster in your stomach. As it is also an antioxidant, you can easily take it by spreading it on top of a toast and pancakes for your vomiting problem. The best way to use honey to relieve nausea is to mix it into green tea and drink it.


Oatmeal can be a solution to your problem and a pretty easy solution as well as it is usually taken as a breakfast. As oat has vitamin B, iron, calcium and magnesium, it only works for your betterment. Oats help in neutralizing acid in the stomach and also maintaining sugar level in the blood so that you can remain upright even during a heavy session of the hangover. You may sprinkle some cinnamon for better taste and results.

These were some of the foods that can help you through this whole vomiting and alcohol hangover problems in ease if you were wondering what to eat after a hangover and vomiting.

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