BACtrack Skyn can help to control your alcohol intake.

BACtrack Skyn is a device from BACtrack, which is a known company for Breathalyzers, which is the world’s first alcohol monitor that can be worn around the wrist like a watch. There are apps on smartphone that can help you reduce your alcohol intake

The best thing about this wearable alcohol biosensor is that it is quite cost-effective and also easy to use. It determines the alcohol content in your body by measuring the amount of alcohol being eliminated from your body through your skin.

It does it continuously and in real time to feed you with the important data about the alcohol content.

This will helps a lot of people as they can carry an objective measurement tool for tracking their alcohol consumption without any problem because it is wearable and this ultimately leads to fewer chances of impaired driving and also provides an in-depth scenario about your drinking.

All you need to do is wear a BACtrack Skyn on the wrist, of the either versions made available and let it do its work. There is an app which directly connects to the device offering an actionable as well as powerful data.

For example, a user can know when they’re reaching higher alcohol levels and they can decide what to do accordingly and maybe slow down or stop drinking.  The testing is effortless and you need to do nothing but wear the wearable and monitor the app. This can replace Breathalyzer completely.

BACtrack has unveiled this in two new working prototypes:

  • A band for Apple Watch: It just goes with the Apple watch and just a glance at their watch can tell their approximate alcohol level in the real-time. This was made because the people who want to wear a smartwatch can wear that and there is no need for a different device just for the alcohol monitoring. It is quite handy and makes it a lot easier for people.
  • A standalone wearable device: This one just goes like a watch on your wrist and you can look at the stats produced by the BACtrack Skyn on the BACtrack Skyn app on your smartphone.

You may be thinking that among these two prototypes which are better. But in fact, both work the same way and they measure ethanol molecules excreted through the skin.

This measure is also known as TAC (Transdermal Alcohol Content). Unlike any normal breathalyzer test, that provides you with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) at a given point time, a TAC measurement is dynamic and continuous making the BACtrack Skyn more effective.

BACtrack is also working on a proprietary algorithm which will make it easier by converting measured TAC into BAC, for BAC is a metric many are already familiar with. Read more about Wearable Alcohol Biosensor.

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