How to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?

Going to an AA meeting is quite simple. You may find by searching where and when meetings are happening and just turn up to the one where it is convenient to you. No sign-ups, no registration fee, and no appointments are what makes this a great idea. You will get a full privacy and there is no any obligation for you to speak or to attend any programs happening.

How to find Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?

You may think that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings may be harder to get into and would require some forms to be filled up. You have been mistaken. It is quite easy and you may not believe that it is easier than getting a movie ticket. All you need to do is look up on the internet for the AA website of your country. And you will see the time and venue of meetings happening around you and mostly they happen almost every day a week. And you may choose from them by your convenience and go there at the specified time. They generally happen in church and religious areas for it is easier to rent such places.

DISCLAIMER: Do contact on the given contact number before going so that you are sure where you are going and the meeting is really happening.

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How to apply or request for the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?

There are no specific sign-ups for the meeting or any kind of letters of request you have to write in order to get into the Alcoholics Anonymous program and there are no any requirements for going there. All you need to do is find a meeting by the idea given above by searching on the internet and finding the best match of time and venue of the meeting. And you just need to join in now. Just participate in the meeting whether or not you speak there. Even non-alcoholics can attend the open meetings while closed meetings are just for alcoholics and addicts.

What to expect?

The first question you ask when you join in on something new is what should I expect and go there? And here are your answers.

AA meetings are quite informal and they don’t really include any formalities. You can share your stories in your way and tell how you are doing in this whole adventure of drinking and trying to control the craving as well as stop drinking any alcohol. It is not any kind of hospital, clinic, or health clinic so you don’t have to be nervous. People will most probably hear your story and be happy with your progress on being out of the addiction.

Also, there is a hoax that AA meetings are all religious and boring. It is not. Mostly it is done in religious places as they are cheaper to rent and are quite peaceful for a meeting. And there is no necessity or compulsion that you are put in order to speak. They highly recommend you to do so as it is a part of the Alcoholics Anonymous therapy but it is just okay if you do not want to participate.

Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?

Well, you don’t go to AA meetings for fun or just to meet other problem drinkers. You go there to improve and make yourself a sober individual and this is what AA meetings do. You listen to tons of people and their stories about how they quit alcohol or they are reducing their addiction and how they became successful and better after they got over the problem of over-drinking. If you would list some benefits of AA meetings that would be:

Stop your craving: You will listen to the real stories of experienced people and get to share your own and this will make you realize that in fact, alcohol is never a good solution to any problem and instead it is a big problem on its own which you are challenging right now. This fact will help you eradicate your craving and less craving means less consumption which is always better.

Decrease habits: You will be getting involved in meetings regularly and this will create an impact on your drinking habits. You won’t be drinking as much as you used to. And after AA meeting session you will not feel like drinking at least for that day. This helps a lot as well. Because if you are a daily drinker and if something can prevent you from drinking at least twice a week, that can be quite and improvement.

Inspirational speeches: You will be hearing speeches from people who were affected by the same problem you are having right now and how they tackled it. Generally, they are quite useful as you will get to know how much you have been drawn back by this addiction and also you will realize your potential. You can learn that drinking is just a choice you make and you should not let it put you down in any way.
So, these were some information about Alcoholics Anonymous that will help you out quite a lot and help you in getting in the program by yourself as well.

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