How to Tell If Your Social Drinking Is Normal—or Something More Serious?

You may have this question if you participate in parties very often and drink that booze more than you think you should. Some drinking in social gatherings and parties are normal. But the real question is how much is too much? If you have been drinking a lot these days and your routine is not as well managed as it used to be or if you have changed in any way, your drinking may be a problem. This article will help you and guide you through the threshold of drinking and about how much and what reaction after drinking makes you alcoholic and not a normal social drinker.

Signs of problem drinking

Alcoholic people are a problem and it is quite difficult to distinguish if a person is alcoholic or just a casual drinker. You can observe some weird and different symptoms and signs which make a person alcoholic and not a casual drinker. These are the common signs that may show that you or a person you suspect has a drinking problem.

  • Uncontrolled and frequent drinking episodes: If you have a habit of drinking a lot and going all mad, you may not be a normal drinker. Also if you need to drink in short interval of time, it means that you are addicted to it and you may be a serious problem. So if you cannot control the amount of alcohol you drink or intervals you drink in, you are at a risk of being an addict and alcoholic.


  • Drinking until drunk: Some people like to drink a lot and so much that they won’t stop until they are really drunk. If you are one of those people, try changing your habit because this is not a good sign. It is a sign of becoming an alcoholic person and if you can’t control crave until you get drunk, you are not a normal drinker.


  • Drinking to/at the job: If you have a habit of drinking before going to work, you are really into alcohol and maybe you are an alcoholic as this is not at all normal. Because you need concentration at work, alcohol just doesn’t let that happen so you cannot be doing your work properly under the influence. This also means that you care more about alcohol that about yourself which in itself is a big problem.


  • Drinking and driving: If you are at this stage, you are too far and maybe already an alcoholic as this keeps your life at stake. Drinking and driving are illegal in the first place and if you have any love for yourself or for anyone that is traveling with you, you would not do this at all. This leads to serious injuries and being insensitive about that is being influenced highly by an addictive thing.


  • Doing weird things: If you, by any means, perform unusual activities when under the influence of alcohol, this may mean you are not a casual drinker. Unusual activities represent the activities that you would never do when you are sober. Such activities suggest that your consumption of alcohol affects your character and who you are. This means you are not a normal drinker.


  • Causing injury: If you get violent and highly aggressive while you are under the influence of alcohol, it is a serious issue. Not caring about getting into trouble with the law is carelessness and this is not good and it is obviously not normal.


  • If you use alcohol to control sadness or anxiety: If this is you, you should know that this is a characteristic of a typical alcoholic person. So, this may state that you are an alcoholic person and may be you are not just a normal person drinking at social gatherings and you use alcohol as a drug to use against your sadness and emotions.


  • Lying and hiding: Some people tend to lie about their drinking habits a lot. This happens when you are not honest with yourself and even though you are drinking more than you should, you do not admit. This is also a negative sign.


  • Medical issues: If you have serious medical issues caused due to alcohol consumption, you may either be allergic or addicted to alcohol. When you are addicted to alcohol, you take in more alcohol than your body can handle and this causes medical concerns in your body. Mostly, these medical issues include ulcer, liver, and other serious conditions.

If you do any one of the following, you may not be just a social drinker.

The above-mentioned signs will let you know if you have to rethink about your drinking habits. Here are the distinct things that will tell you are an alcoholic and not just a social drinker.

Stay longer and drink more

You will know that you are not a social drinker and a real alcoholic when you stay longer at parties even after everyone else heads home. Staying longer is not the problem. The problem is you drinking more alcohol every long minute you stay at that party. So staying at a party by increasing the amount you drink makes you an alcoholic and it is nothing to be proud of. This way you can tell that you’re not just a social drinker.

Enough drink?

This is a bit funny and you will know why. If you feel that the party you are going to may not have enough booze for you, you are a serious alcoholic. This is because no normal person thinks about if the alcohol will be enough for them unless they have craved for alcohol. So, the gist is that if you are highly worried about the alcohol supply, every time you go to a party, you are not at all normal.

Alcohol harm is no harm

Continuing to drink although your drinking habit has caused a lot of problems, is a problem in itself and it is rather a huge problem. This clearly shows your want for alcohol because no normal person drinks even if it does harm to them. The harm can be of any kind. You beating your spouse or kids while on alcohol, you getting arrested for driving under influence, etc. can be such harms and if you don’t care about these while drinking, you are an alcoholic.

Two drinks is for kids

If you think that there is no point in stopping to drink even after two drinks, and if you feel that is too mainstream, you are doomed. This is a serious alcohol issue. Generally, alcoholic people drink until they pass out and this is exactly what you are trying to do. The feeling of not giving up even when you have consumed a lot of alcohol is deadly and that makes you an alcoholic.

Worried family and friends

If your family and friends don’t like you drinking, they may be concerned about your drinking habits. Generally, friends and family are the ones who notice your drinking habits and other habits that have changed. This is why your family members or your friends might have been expressing concern.

Drink exceeds limit and plan

If you have a glass of wine set for your movie session, and just drinking that much doesn’t satisfy you, it is a matter of concern. This means you are drinking more than you planned to and this is because crave for alcohol is very high. So, if you drink a lot even though you made a promise to yourself about drinking less, you are an alcoholic.

Say no to ‘no alcohol’

If you can never say no to a booze request, you are an alcoholic. There are situations when you need to completely reject the alcohol factor for your own welfare. So rejecting is required. If you cannot deny a request for alcohol if you have come to a party with kids and you need to drive them back home after the party is over, you are an alcoholic.

Miss plan and work

If you forget about the important dates of your personal life and if you miss out your plans for the weekend or any program you need to attend at the office, you are an alcoholic. Giving up your whole work and plans can help you with the negative impacts so this is a difficult situation where you are a bit careless about everything. So, this tells you that you are an alcoholic and not a normal drinker.

Lot of switching drinks

If you tend to mix a lot of drinks to make you feel fuller with those different forms of alcohol, you are an alcoholic. This is because you know that you cannot stop after a couple of glasses of wine, so you try to switch from wine to whiskey or any other form of liquor. This clearly makes you an alcoholic person with a lot of want for liquor.

In this way, the article discussed signs of being an alcoholic and how one can determine if they are an alcoholic or a normal social drinker.

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