5 Signs You’re Allergic To Vodka — Why is it caused?

Vodka is also a liquor which rarely causes allergies. This might be because vodka doesn’t consist of any different ingredient from any other kind of alcoholic beverage. But people do report being allergic to vodka and tequila but not beer or wine. Still, some people find themselves allergic to vodka.

Checking if you are alcohol intolerant is pretty easy and if you develop abnormal conditions just because of intake of slightest of alcohol, you can confirm the allergy. Alcohol intolerance cause when there is not enough or proper enzymes that will break down all the toxins that are in alcohol. You might also be allergic to beer, which is similar to vodka allergy.

If you are intolerant, there is no point in drinking at all because mostly intolerances cannot be reformed. You can minimize the effects by drinking less but vodka is not what you might want to drink.

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Specifically to vodka, there are certain symptoms which are very similar to when beer allergies are formed.

Symptoms if you are allergic to vodka

Here are some symptoms that you will generally see if you have allergies to vodka or alcohol in general.

Throat and nose allergies

You might catch a cold or be continually sneezing because of some of the components in the vodka. This generally happens when you are allergic to flavors in the vodka. I myself have experienced this allergy to strawberry vodka because I am allergic to strawberry.

Flushing and hives

This is not a vodka-specific symptom but it surely is one of the most occurring symptoms of alcohol intolerance. Most people with Asian descent experience this but almost everyone may be a victim to it. The face appears to be red and the neck goes red as well due to flushing.

Hives are red spots on the skin that may be itchy and might have the bumpy texture to it. This is caused generally by any kind of alcohol whether it might be beer, wine, whiskey, tequila, or vodka.

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Nausea and vomiting

Vodka generally consists of a lot of amount of alcohol and this causing nausea as well as vomiting is not a new thing. You will experience vomiting anyway if you drink a lot of liquor. But as vodka consists of high alcohol content, your stomach may not be able to process the alcohol properly causing nauseated feeling as well as vomiting.

However, you can eat foods containing amino acids including cysteine and taurine such as eggs, soup, bananas, honey or oats to avoid vomiting.

Swelling of the face or body parts

 This is not at all normal and requires immediate medical attention. If you experience swelling of any part of the body after drinking vodka, you might be having this condition. DO NOT CONTINUE DRINKING IF THIS HAPPENS.

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Causes of allergies to vodka

So, what makes you allergic to vodka? Mostly alcohol intolerance is the main cause but apart from, that there are a couple of things that might be causing you all this trouble.

You are most likely to experience the vodka allergies if you have any allergies that are listed below:

  • If you are allergic to corn, wheat, or barley that is sure to be present in the vodka.
  • Allergic to flavors and coloration of the vodka (although generally, vodka is colorless).
  • Alcohol intolerant.

This should wrap it up to explain the causes of vodka allergies.

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You can prevent these allergies by not drinking at all or you can choose any drink that has less alcohol content than vodka because the high alcohol content is sure to affect any individual regardless of their allergies.

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The main idea is to not drink any alcohol at all. Alcohol only has negative effects on the long run so, if possible, avoid drinking but if it is not possible, the symptoms and causes mentioned above should give a basic idea of how vodka might affect you and you can be aware of that to prevent any allergies from happening further in the future.  

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