7 signs You’re Allergic To Beer – Why is it caused?

Water is the primary ingredient of beer, allergy seems quite weird. But it is not because the beer consists of another ingredient like barley and brewer’s yeast which you might be allergic to (highly unlikely).

Some beer also has additional flavorings and hops that might be the reason behind such allergies.

Some beer also has additional flavorings and hops that might be the reason behind such allergies.

Unless you are alcohol intolerant (your body doesn’t metabolize alcohol properly), beer allergies are rare. The ingredients in beer are pretty clear and very little number of people get affected by such ingredients. If you have the food sensitivity, this can be a possibility, so, you can make yourself aware.

You might not be only allergic to beer but also to allergic to vodka. Allergies to vodka are also caused by different ingredients used in it.

If you are allergic to beer what kind of symptoms will you develop?

Symptoms of being allergic to beer

Symptoms of allergies to beer shouldn’t be any different from any other kind of allergies because mostly the components in the beer are what cause the allergies from beer.

So, here are some of the symptoms that might come in handy to know if you really have this problem:


People have mostly complained about having this flushing problem. This generally happens in people with Asian descent. The face of the sufferer goes red due to the effect on erythema on the face, neck or shoulders.


Hives are skin conditions that develop due to alcohol consumption in some people. This looks a lot like normal skin allergies with red spots appearing on the skin with little bumps.

Sneezing and wheezing

This is not an alcohol intolerance symptoms and this is generally caused if some flavors in the beer act as allergens to your respiratory tract, nose, and mouth. If you are allergic to pollens, flowers, this is a possibility.


The components in beer may affect your vocal cord and this might lead to vocal strain having the hoarse voice and throat pain.

Nausea and vomiting

This is not at all a surprise. You might have already experienced this or might have seen friends have this problem. This happens regardless your health condition and metabolizing power if you drink too much.

But some alcohol intolerant people can’t hold vomiting even after the slightest of alcohol dosage. You can eat food that contains amino acid to relieve after vomiting.

Abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea

This is caused when your stomach is unable to metabolize alcohol properly which will lead to forced excretion of such materials from the body.

The formation of gas causes bloating and sheer pressure is applied on stomach walls to send that alcohol content out which might cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The tightness in the chest

You may experience tightening of the chest after drinking beer. This is because of the amount of alcohol in the blood which might be messing up with the blood flow to the heart.

These symptoms should help you determine if you have allergies to beer.

Now that we know the symptoms let’s proceed towards what causes allergies to beer.

Causes of allergies to beer

There can be a lot of causes of you having an allergy to beer. But as most of the beer is only water, the allergens has to be the other ingredients. Here are causes why you are allergic to beer.

Food sensitivity

People with food sensitivity report a lot of allergies due to beer consumption.

This is because there are some artificial flavors and other food enhancing ingredients used in beer and that might be causing you the allergies.

If you are allergic to any of these materials:

  • malted barley or other grains, such as wheat and sorghum
  • hops
  • yeast
  • assorted colorings, flavorings, and preservatives

Most people who have allergies to beer have reported that they are allergic to some or most of these ingredients which make it clear what causes beer allergies.

Alcohol intolerance

This is a different case on its own. You can determine this pretty easy. If you are allergic to any other form of alcohol, then you are most likely to have alcohol intolerance.

But if you can take in other forms of alcohol without a problem and it is a just beer that causes allergies in you, you can know beer is faulty or it doesn’t react well with your body.

So, can you treat these allergies? If you have food allergies and there are instant reactions, not taking in beer is the wisest of choices.


There is no hard and fast rule to this but you might consider doing the following things to minimize the chances of having beer allergies. Of course not drinking at all is the best idea but in case if you want to these will help.

  • Drink less. Drinking less beer may not cause you a lot of problems if you are intolerant of alcohol.
  • Go through the ingredients and change the brand with less or no ingredients that cause allergies to you. The ingredients that affect you may not be present in any other brand of beer so this might help.
  • Change drinks. If you are specifically allergic to beer, you might want to drink any other liquor like wine so that you don’t get those allergies.


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