Process of alcoholism Inpatient treatment

Alcoholism treatment has a long process and rehabilitation process is an important one. But this process depends on how severe your problem is and the process can be carried out as an inpatient or an outpatient treatment which have differences based on the preference of the patient as well as his needs. This article discusses that in brief.

Alcoholism Inpatient Treatment

This treatment method is one of the best ways to treat your alcohol problem. But there is a downside. This process is quite expensive. Inpatient treatment programs take the patient out of their normal ways of life and put them into a sophisticated treatment facility that consists of 24/7 care for the patients from the staffs of that rehab. This helps quite a lot because the inpatient care gives a new kind of daily activities and there are both removals of the individual from temptation as well as this encourages the person to relapse.

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Also known as residential treatment, inpatient treatment is a highly recommended treatment for people who have been suffering from this addiction problem or those people having mental complications caused by the consumption of alcohol and its withdrawal and normal effects.

There are different alcoholism inpatient treatment places and generally, the locations lie under below-mentioned areas.

  • Hospital area: This is a more intensive and quite accessible way. There is access to any medical services that are required and regular supervision of the patient’s health so that any complications that may arise can be solved immediately without further hesitation.


  • A typical residential facility: A location outside hospital setting may not have the 24/7 health care from professionals but you will not miss out much. Generally, they are more luxurious and you will get other facilities from staff and you will still have access to most of the hospital related services. These locations seem more effective because they generally resemble the real time scenarios.


  • Resort-like facility: These are some very luxurious facilities like resorts and this is more comfortable. This might be very expensive as well although the degree of improvement may not be as much as the money. But if you are living a very luxurious life and want to get rid of your alcohol problem, this is best for you.


  • Professional inpatient facility: This is a kind of location that provides a high-end environment which includes work responsibilities of the patients if they are busy professionals and they need to utilize every bit of time they get. This is quite effective as well. As people are working real-time and going through rehabilitation as well, they tend to forget alcohol and craving more quickly.

Pros of Alcoholism Inpatient Treatment 

As mentioned above, the type of rehabilitation you would want to follow is solely dependent on the level of alcoholism you are at and according to your personal needs as well. So, there is always a good side and a bad side to anything. Similarly, this inpatient rehabilitation has its own pros and cons that are listed below.

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Here are some benefits of choosing an inpatient rehabilitation method as a way of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction:

  • You will have a pretty stable and sober environment and this is extremely helpful for your improvement.
  • You will have a very sophisticated medical and psychiatric care as you are being monitored throughout the duration in the treatment facility. If you have any disorders mentally or physically due to withdrawal or such treatments, you can be considered for medical emergency instantly and you will not have to go through a hard time thinking about your health along with the withdrawal procedures.
  • There is a very low risk of relapse because of the substance-free environment and vigilant supervision.
  • You will have an intensive group and also some individual therapy sessions to make you feel more comfortable and to listen to some inspiring stories.
  • You will get support from the staffs in that treatment facility as much as you’d get at home from your family members.
  • There is a comparatively less exposure to triggering and stressing factors.
  • You will get to experience a lot of treatment services that might come in handy for any kind of health related problem you might face during the process of the whole treatment program. Such treatment services include acupuncture, exercise, yoga, meditation, and so on. Different services differ from one treatment facility to other.
  • If you have a habit of living in a very luxurious environment, you can have that facility as well. You can even include some business needs in your inpatient treatment based on your requirements of the accommodations and needs of any business executives.
  • This treatment takes more time and is more intense. This makes recovery quite easy and very much certain. This treatment method can be life changing.

Cons of Alcoholism Inpatient Treatment 

Of course, everything has its drawbacks and so does this inpatient rehabilitation process. Here are some of those cons of this treatment program:

  • There is a very limited access to the outside world and this makes keeping contact with your loved ones and any other family members or friends quite impossible. This can ruin the connection or relationship.
  • You may have a lot of responsibilities and you will have to sacrifice those for a certain amount of time that you are planning to stay in the rehabilitation facility.
  • The treatment method is quite advantageous but because of all the complex care is given to you, the cost is equally expensive. As room and board are also included, the cost is very high.

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