What is Alcoholism Euthanasia?

What is alcoholism euthanasia?

You may freak out when you know about this but yes it exists. It is an assisted suicide and an option chosen by the dying person himself. A person who has been addicted quite severely to alcohol and who cannot control the drinking or craving tend to choose this path.

But not every nation has legalized this. Alcoholism Euthanasia is quite a disturbing scenario if you imagine it with a person of your acquaintance because the idea of being dead instead of having a way to solve the problem itself is painful.

Euthanasia is more evident of the other types of problems. Terminal health problems like cancer, disability or any problem that gives a lot of pain, forces a person to choose this option although it sounds really pathetic and quite disturbing. The movie ‘Me before you’ had this treatment on the protagonist of the movie and it was quite an emotional scene.

This is a non-painful way to dying and is carried out differently in different places. This is also known as assisted suicide which makes it sound worse.

The doctor or the one who carries it out gives an overdose of a drug already keeping in mind any kind of reaction it can do to the patient’s body and ending the life of the person. Alcoholic people tend to choose this as well when they have had enough of the miserable life they are living. But performing Alcoholism Euthanasia is not easy as it seems.

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Mostly, it is not legal at all and even if it is in certain nations, there are a lot of things that are considered before allowing to let you do that. The next section will tell you about where this is legal and where it is not.  

Is Alcoholism Euthanasia legal?

Considering the majority of nations in the world, this is no at all legal. But there are some exceptions. Here are those nations that do have the idea of euthanasia legalized. But it is not that easy. There is a lot of laws that needs to be looked into before going into this procedure in these countries too.

  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Colombia
  • Luxembourg

This is not a procedure done to get rid of a small alcoholism problem. Death is the end and the condition needs to be irreversible in order for someone to go into this procedure. Some people are incurable. No matter how hard you try the effects of alcohol persist and no any therapies or medicines work on your side. This is when they plan to end-it-all.


But if you are suffering as hard as being tortured and if you do not end it you will have to stand that torture for a long time until you die out of health problems or any kind of natural death, you may think of this option.

Most of the other countries apart from these consider the euthanasia idea to be a murder and have strict rules against them. Some states in The United States of America have legalized this too but they have some strict rules to consider.

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Suicide is never a good idea and assisted suicide doesn’t make it any better if you have any way you can avoid going for euthanasia, you should go for it because life is short and it is only stupidity to make it shorter, although you may have to go through a lot of hardships.

Going through this article should give you a good deal of knowledge about each of these subjects and remember that euthanasia is not at all recommended and if there is even a 0.01% chance of you reversing the condition, you should not consider euthanasia.

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